Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty bits.

Make us happy and
you make us good.
-Robert Browning

Can someone please tell me where the time has gone?! I have just had one of the busiest weeks I can remember, but it has also been very constructive as well. I have been busy making baby clothes for several people I know who are having babies and the first baby has made their entrance to the world. So the baby clothes will be walking out the door to their new homes. I am making gifts to raffle off at the swimming carnival for the school I work for and am very pleased with how the two bags have turned out.
The bag with two handles is a carry all and is lined with a homespun material. It is a very simple patten as the colour of the fabric lends itself. For my birthday Heather had given me two jelly rolls and this one is African fabrics. It is very pretty. The smaller bag is a toilet bag using the same material. I now plan to make myself a bag using this material.

The High school P & C is holding a Mother's Day raffle as well and I have stamped enough raffle tickets to send out to 600 odd families, so you can imagine the work involved in that project!! So between doing this and other things like housework, I have also just finished a cute baby set to give to the first baby born.
I just need to sew the buttons on and stitch the beanie up and away he goes. I knitted a plain pattern because the colours form a pattern of their own and it was a nice wool to knit with. The first few rows are done in moss stitch and then the rest in plain stitch.

Another project I have just about finished is the bead dolls. Pixie and I went for a quick trip to Perth and bought some more beads. I'm really liking beads at the moment and have enjoyed making all those little dolls.
I am going to be on the look out now in the Op shops for beads, as I didn't realize how expensive they are. Now that the weather has cooled down a bit I hope to get into the garden and give it a revamp. The summer was cruel this year and even though it is officially autumn, the weather is still muggy, hot and taking it's time to switch over to the new season.

Well it's time to keep plodding along and get a few more jobs done. Catch you all up another time. Kind regards, Anita.


Maria said...

PHEW !!! I am tired just sitting here reading your post.
You sure have been very busy this past week. Love the bags. The cardigan and beanie are just so cute as well.

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Lovely knitted garmets, hope you get to make the bags for yourself. I think GS would have some beeds.Roll on cool weather.
Happy days.

Country Whispers said...

You've definitely been a busy little bee.
Your projects are lovely!


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