Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy weekend

Water is the driving
force of all nature.
-Leonardo da Vinci

Oops! I was very busy on the weekend and missed saying
hello to you all. This week we are celebrating Harmony Week.
It is a week of friendship, tolerance, loving for people just for
who they are and appreciating all cultures. I had made some little beaded dolls awhile ago and thought I would put them to good use. I approached a work mate Lyn, to get some ideas about selling the dolls to raise money for the school. Lyn is just full of fantastic ideas and plans, so I knew she would think of something.....and she did. We could incorporate the dolls into Harmony week.
As this weekend was a sewing weekend, I had stacks of time to get stuck into it and that I did. Pixie and Cory went gokarting, Brandon invited a friend over, so it was open slather for me. I had made several of them before the weekend and at the end of the weekend there were over 120 little beaded dolls sitting there all pretty.
I made different coloured girls.....and boys! Can't forget the boys! In the photo below, check out the boy doll on the bottom left hand side! I didn't realize at the time, but he seems to be looking up a skirt....oops.....that was accidental. But never fear, the girls have pants on under there. Most of them do. I added bushy eye brows, bows and ties to the boy ones. I think they're very cute.
The dolls made with black and gingerbread colours have painted eyes and smiles. I didn't have any cream or softer coloured paint than the white, to paint them on with. I did think they looked a bit....harsh? and then I made a mistake. On one of the dolls I put the eyes too far over to the right. I didn't want to waste the doll, some I decided to put cheeks on her to see if I could cover the white dot. Guess what it worked!! And looked so much better, more child friendly to look at. I pulled all the coloured dolls back out of the box and gave them all cheeks. What an improvement.
I really enjoyed myself this weekend and was so excited to go to work. There is something really special about seeing joy on childrens faces. I was going to start selling the dolls at lunchtimes, but when I got to work, children were already coming up to me asking about the dolls. I got to the library and there were parents waiting for me too! So I started selling them. By the end of the day, I had $247.00. I will sell them until stock runs out and all monies raised will go to the P & C Committee.

Someone asked me if I had had enough of making so many dolls. My response was, I only stopped making them because I ran out of beads!! On Sunday night I continued my pleasant knitting. I will also cut out 2 doll bodies to make for the Mother's Day raffle going on at the high school. Never a dull moment around here. Hope to catch you up on Friday for Colourful Friday, have a great week! Kind regards, Anita.


BubzRugz said...

Wow Anita... that's a lot of little dolls to make smiles.... very cute....

Val said...

All the little dolls look irresistible. I am not surprised you had people waiting to buy them.

Maria said...

Unbelievable Anita how many dolls you made over the weekend. What a wonderful effort. They all look so cute.

country mouse said...

WOW! sounds like you've been busy. Love the little dolls, very cute. Can't wait to see your current knitting project too. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Very cute!!!! I just found your blog and became a follower! :) Erin



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