Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lucky me!

Leave the flurry to the masses;
Take your time and shine your glasses.
-Old Irish verse.

I'm wagging my tail like crazy today. Some cute buttons
that I managed to win in a give away have landed in the
mailbox!!! They are super cute. Many thanks to Sarah for the
buttons...I love them!!
I can't help myself sometimes. I went to the library and
was glad to see a book that I ordered had come in.
You will have to excuse the photography, most of you know that
I am a wreck with the camera. lol. But this book is full of interesting
goodies. The little girl just left of the book is what I whipped up
this morning!! Just a few bits of scraps of material, and the chance to use up some of the toy stuffing I managed to snag at the Op shop.
The piece of material used for the arms and the ears is the same piece of material, just turned inside out for the ears. The scraps used on the legs came from Ruth's stash given to me, and I do believe young Heather the show-off gave me the yellow floral. I'm glad somedays for my hoarding abilities. They come in handy.

I am going to have another flick through the library book, as I know there are other toys just waiting to be made. I have heaps of time as I am on holidays until February. The holiday sleepovers have started as well. Here are three of my darlings in Cory's room. Mind you there are no sheets on the bed yet. I managed to peel the sheets off, but do you think I could move the three carcasses laying in the room.....nope! Oh that's Brandon hiding behind the pillow. We can't see him.
Yes and what has happened to the house rules (that have been in place since all three of them were small???) No drinks or food in the bedroom. Hmmmm?

Well now off I go to make a hot cup of tea, flick through the softies book and start sewing. Hope everyone is having a terrific day, enjoy the weather your health and this lovely life we have. Kind regards, Anita.


Christine M said...

I know the feeling Anita. I have three boys (14, 12 and 10) and the rule has always been no food or drinks in the playroom. But do they listen? Hope you're having a good day too. I'm just doing my Christmas baking!

Bev C said...

As long as they bring the plates and cups back Anita!!!! Happy Toymaking.

Micki said...

The book looks like so much fun...Knowing you, you will love it!
Merry Christmas!


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