Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas gifts

Let us pursue what makes for
peace and for mutual upbuilding.
-Romans 14:19

Finally everything is ready for the Big day! All my gifts are made and have gone to
their new homes. On Friday we had our morning tea at school and we had a
visit from Secret Santa. Below is the gift I made for Lyn,  my secret swap friend.
Isn't she just sweet?

    The magazine is one of Heather's and I have returned it to her. If anyone is interested in making her,
drop me a line and I will get the details as to what volume the magazine is. There were three different
types of cup ladies you could make and I changed the doll slightly, as we all tend to do. I added a
small wooden doll to the front of mine.

This is my girl wrapped in cello and ribbon, including the floral box the cup and
saucer came in.
I just had to cross stitch a name tag as well, I couldn't help myself.
I also couldn't help myself and had to make the bag as well. Oops. Can't stop myself.

On the day, I guess I blew it really.....everyone knew who Lyn's secret Santa was. Lyn loved her
gift and I loved to give it. It seems Cory caught the giving bug as well. This is his Christmas gift
to a special someone.

Oh just while I mentioned Cory, I might just have a little brag here. A terrific report card came home and
his art project.....this is called a Fragon.

The art project is made of clay and Cory's first project at high school using clay. I was stoked.
Brandon also did well in the report department. I was glad of a choice we made and that was to change
a class during the year and Brandon's marks just took off. It was great. We are so proud of both
of our children.

Another finished doll to add to the Christmas collection this year. I can't find the magazine right now
but it was from my collection that I found this pattern.
I had also made some Santa decorations, as shown in a previous blog I'd posted, and
they had a yummy candy cane added to it, wrapped in cello and given out to some
of the staff members I work with.

It's great how just wrapping something in a bit of cello and ribbon just turns it into a million
bucks. know what I mean!! lol.

Today Pixie and I are being a pair of lazy sloths. We had another Christmas windup to go
to last night. We did the fatal mistake of travelling off to the city and going to heaps of shops
(well we had to actually, no way out of it). Then we went out to a lovely place on the riverfront, but
I think we were pretty well puffed out before we got there. A great night anyway.

Hope to catch you in a few days time, I'm on holidays now and I can't wait to start my
sewing projects. Have the best weekend and catch you soon. Kind regards, Anita.


Micki said...

Beautiful dolls! I love the package you neat! Have a wonderful Holiday!

Bev C said...

Lyn will love her pressie Anita, what did your Secret Santa bring you in return.
Love the rain we had overnight.
Happy days.

Quilts And Pieces said...

As always everything is wonderful! The little doll in the china cup is adorable! And the drink in the bedroom with the boys did make me laugh!


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