Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happiness should be your life's work,
not a vacation that you postpone
until you have more time.

Here's wishing all the Father's out there
a wonderful Father's Day today.
Every day is special but we have one day
in the year where we really acknowledge Father's.

My boy will be home later on today so he
will get all the spoiling he needs then. I have had
a wonderful weekend of sewing, knitting and travelling.

Every month Bev and I do a challenge of some sort.
In August we decided to do crazy patchwork...needed
to get rid of some scraps. I found an unusual pattern
and had a play around.
I saw a quilt made with this style patchwork and the
whole thing was the American flag. It was very effective and
I also can't remember where I saw it!! I'm very helpful.
I'm not really into green that much, but I thought this
colour brought out the whole design. I am happy with
it and happy lots of my scraps have been used.

Yesterday Heather & I went for a drive to a small
country town called Meckering. Out there is a special farm,
with a special barn called Collingully is full of
material. Friends kept saying to us for years...go out there!
This unassuming barn is full of material!!! The best! The
security alarm are the two farm dogs who bark like mad
when you drive into the place. When you go inside....
Can you spot young Heather in the striped jumper? This is only
some of the inside, I couldn't fit it all in one shot.
To the back and side of me, whilst taking this photo is
another room and a stack more materials, patterns, books etc.
I didn't take a photo of upstairs, there are beds up there and
quilts everywhere!!!

Collingully is a patchwork retreat and you can spend the weekend
there. We will be going back....soon. This is my stash.
Now that I have all this new material I will have to make
some more lovelies out of it. Hey catch up with you all
soon, I'm off to plan my next project and need to put the
kettle on to do so. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

You finally joined the converted and went to Collingully Cottage,good on you. I just saw Heather in the photo!!!! Love the green on the scrappy block. It really highlights it.
Happy Monday

Country Whispers said...

That barn looks like a quilters dream.
I love your crazy patchwork and yes that green definitely makes everything pop.

Micki said...

I love the crazy patchwork too, and that barn would have been a dream for me to go to.


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