Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big balloon!

There is memory
in the forest.
-Margaret Widdemer, The Factories.

What a surprise we had this morning, when the neighbour's dog kept barking
I went to investigate. I went out the back door and got the shock of my life
to see an air balloon so low down that I could see the people aboard waving to me!
I ran inside and shouted to everyone to come and have a look, they came running of course...
even Brandon, my teenage son who was awoken with all my comotion.
Unfortunately, by the time it dawned on me to get the camera, the balloon had lifted and this
is as close as I could get the picture. We could even hear the people talking  and laughing with each other.

I have had a few lovely surprises lately. A gorgeous parcel came in the post for me on Friday from Teresa. We did a paper bag swap and at the end of the month swapped bags. What a lovely surprise I got!!

Bright paper, lovely hearts...

A beautiful knitting binder, a santa decoration, lavendar hearts.

Don't you just love this design and three things I live by: laugh, love and create. I was just
already thinking how spoilt I was when....I opened the binder....

I was blown away when I opened the binder only to be bombarded with so
many other goodies. See the chocolate eclairs? They were yummy. Many thanks Teresa, I feel
like a spoilt girl. The gift I made for Teresa is an angel swag and angel doll, shown below.

I have already started on knitted items for the Annual show next year...yes I know, I'm jumping the gun and getting in early. I will show you next time what I have already made and by that time I will have
some more things to show as well.

I plan to start my washing now, with the change of weather comes the spring cleaning. All of my wall quilts
will come down and be washed, antique tea trolley needs a good dust. That will keep me out of
trouble for a spell.
Enjoy the lovely weekend and we'll get together again soon.
Kind regards, Anita.


Sue-Anne said...

How exciting to see that balloon so close. Love your swap pressies, the folder is gorgeous.

Amy said...

What a fun surprise, to see a balloon right up close!

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

I can see why the dog was barking,great shots of the balloon. Lovely gifts from Teresa,enjoy.
Happy Monday.


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