Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is that rain I hear?

Bless our home, our
lives, our friends.
-Antique sampler.

I walked my hubby out to see him off to work and I heard the strangest was rain!!!
Had almost forgotten the sound of it. The chooks were frightened and so was Max the dog. We are so happy for the rain.

Rain makes you want to stay inside and knit and sew.
I kind friend of mine gave me a great pattern to knit a cupcake.

It didn't take long to knit this beauty up and I have used scraps of wool from the donations I received recently. After I knitted the cupcake I stuffed it and then sewed the seams together. The colourful bits on top are mini eggs.
You can add mini eggs or flowers on the top of the cake.
The pattern comes from a Women's weekly magazine
but it doesn't say what edition.

The best thing about this pattern is that
you don't have to use sets of knitting needles, just 2!
In my travels today I stopped off the the Red Cross shop,
and I couldn't believe my eyes...

All the materials and instructions to make this lovely
Noah's Ark cushion cover.
All for $1.00!!
I couldn't believe my luck. I have to make it now.

I just love the print.
Well I'd best be off now as it is Brandon's birthday
and as a special treat he wants
to have take-away for tea.
I am too lazy to jump in that car and
buy tea, it is easier to just cook!!
We are going to have ice cream cake for supper
as that is a favourite of Brandon's.
Happy Birthday Brandon.

See you soon and keep smiling.
Kind regards, Anita.



Sue-Anne said...

Happy birthday Brandon!!! Love the cupcake, are you going to do a whole tray of them?

Bev C said...

Hey Anita, great buy at the op-shop. Hope Brandon enjoyed his chicken. Lets hope for some more rain.
Happy days.

em's scrapbag said...

Those little knitted cupcakes are awsome.

Micki said...

The cupcakes are so neat..They look good enough to eat.

Amy said...

Those cupcakes are adorable! My daughter would love those. I will have to track down a similar pattern.


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