Sunday, August 18, 2019

What I need most of all is colour,
always, always.
                                     -Claude Monte.

Hello there beautiful people!! So nice to catch up with you all. At this time of year I go underground a little with my projects....they turn into secretive things. Show time is almost upon me and I always want my show items to be a surprise to everyone. I will tell you that colour always soothes my soul and I have been enjoying it, experimenting with it and loving it. That is all I will say. 😊

 I have been making props and posting on our Face book page to encourage our community to enter and below is one of the props I used to encourage people to enter in the crochet section at the show. My love of colour (and Italy) has seeped through into my prop. My fingers are crossed that more people enter. What are your shows like? I would love to hear from any of you or I would love to see photos of what the people in your area enter in to the show.

Just to crack you all up, I share with you a project I was commissioned at the last market day. "Could you please make me......2 rats sweaters please?" Then the lady lost it and laughed, though she was serious. Yes, it could only happen to me right? So these funny little motley tubes below are her pet rat's coats. 

They are about 4 inches long and very easy to make. I found a free pattern on Pinterest. 

Oh bless his cotton socks.....Milo is having a nap.


The next few projects I share with you are some that have kept me busy in between show entries. I wanted to try this flower pattern for ages because I am learning more and more about crochet. So pleased at how it's turned out. Very full and big. I am loving the different patterns available to make all sorts of flowers in the crochet world. I have always been a knitter and I will always love knitting, so I will not be stopping that any time soon.

Here is a set I have made for an indigenous lady in town. There is so little made here that represents the indigenous  people, and here I try to come up with some ideas to encourage others to make things. Again, along come the crocheted flowers to join in with my campaign. I have knitted a cowl, a scarf, woolly hat and gloves, all in black but added the red and yellow flowers to make up the colours that represent our indigenous people. They have now gone to their new home.🍒
Never can I have enough of making woolly hats. Some that turn into ninja turtles or those that stay very normal.😂😂 (That sounds funny coming from me).

Well my friends, it is time for me to go. It is now getting to mid afternoon and before I know it my Sunday will be gone. If any of you out there in blog world have any photos of their town's annual show, preferably in the pavilion section, please let me know. I would love to receive any ideas to enhance our own show. Even if it is a list of classes you have in the Needlework or Craft work Sections of your shows. I would love to hear from you.

Ciao, Anita.


Francesca said...

ciao anita, come va? qua fa molto caldo ed e' difficile prendere in mano i lavori a maglia, infatti ho preferito ricamare delle tende in lino che poi mostrero' sul mio blog. le tue creazioni tutte colorate mettono allegria, bravissima

Kim said...

Don't you just love that quote of Monet's. Yes indeed, the more colour, the better. Love all your lovelies for the show. They all ooze bright and happy colour. The woollies for the indigenous lady. Those red and yellow accents look lovely. Love your crochet flower; how very clever of you. Hope you enjoy a lovely week, lovely Anita.

Maria said...

Love lots of colours and I'm sure you're making heaps for your show...
LOL only you could be asked to make rats jackets , can't believe there was actually a free pattern for them.

Julie said...

Oh gosh Anita .... there's NO way I could've made coats for rats I'm afraid. The only rat as far as I'm concerned is a dead one. I just hate the things. Hope the customer is not reading this & getting offended but YUck! Everything else you have made is just beautiful as always.

Karen S said...

Hi Anita. I am a week late but still want to catch up on your post. Always lovely to check on your projects and yes, I can imagine your getting extra busy with the show entries.
Love the projects representing the indigenous community. Glad to see all your wonderful ideas.
I had never thought of a rat needing a jumper!!
Hope your weekend went well and that work treats you well, too.

Mereknits said...

Love the rat sweaters, that is a hoot! I am a huge crochet fan as you know. I am a knitter through and through but crochet is a different and wonderful way to play with yarn.


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