Sunday, August 4, 2019

"You don't stop laughing because you grow older, You grow older because you stop laughing".
Maurice Chevalier.

Buongiorno a tutti! Good morning everyone! How are you all going? I've been having a wonderful hat festival here. At this time of year Heather the feather and I cannot keep up with the demand for woolly hats, so it seems that it is all I have been making. 

I did meet up with a lovely young lady at the markets here in town, who is paying her way through university by holding a stall of crocheted and knitted items...mainly woolly hats. Though she is competition, I have much respect for her because of her determination to raise money for her education, and she's got a similar sense of humour to me.

So below are some of the woolly hats I have made using my left over pieces of gorgeous bright yarns. Over the years I have seen people just disguard lengths of yarn and I will never understand why, when you can still have cute projects that they can be used for.

Young Abby, (from the markets) inspired me to use this yarn to crochet woolly hats. I had been using the traditional 8 ply yarn to make mine but now I am using this yarn which is a thicker yarn and I can't off the top of my memory remember what the yarn is called.๐Ÿ˜‚ I was also inspired to use different stitches as well.
 Other than making woolly hats, I have to show off my win. A lady was selling these 2 big terracotta pots on our local buy, sell and swap face book page.....for $20 for both. They are huge!!! The yellow daisies came in the pot already and I was pretty happy about the win.

 Feeling very excited about my new Peach tree as well. I remember as a child having a variety of fruit trees in our yard. It was so nice to just pick fresh fruit and eat as much as you liked. I have decided that any trees that come in our yard now will have to be fruit bearing trees. Sometimes I think we waste our land with pretty things instead of useful things. Fingers crossed it will survive.
 I have some quick photos of Milo....actually being well behaved...for a change. I seem to manage to catch him with his tongue over his nose in many photos.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

            Only being good because there's food involved.

Oh yes, and the handshake that comes when he thinks he's won!

      My beautiful son Brandon 

Milo....digging his way to China!!!!

This afternoon I plan to sit out here in our meeting place. A nice hot coffee, some crocheting and the sit and talk a while.
So now my friends I leave you with an insight of my thoughts. I don't feel the need to ever grow old, you're only old if you want to be. I want to be fit enough to run with the grandchildren I hope to one day have, I want to burst into fits of laughter just because, I want to swing off monkey bars, or do backward rolls on the floor. I don't feel the need to ever 'grow up' long as I don't walk passed a mirror and catch a glimpse of that face that is now lined and drifting southwards๐Ÿ˜…...and still I don't care. Here is something funny for you, me having fun. I'm acting like a sloth at Natural movement. lol

I wish you a beautiful Sunday.


White Rose said...
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White Rose said...

Hi Anita wow lots of beautiful work you have done,you are very clever,great post and wow you are fit,I loved the video of you well done my friend .
Also I am your newest follower ,hope you will visit and follow me too,you have a lovely blog xx

Karen S said...

It is always fun to see the adorable hats you make. I think we all need a few with the cold weather we are having. I think it will be with us for a little longer yet.
Good luck with your trees. We have always planted quite a few fruit trees where ever we have lived. As you say it is lovely to pick your own fruit.
Hope your week goes well.

Julie said...

Lots of gorgeous hats Anita. I am so pleased they are selling well for you. I think you had a wonderful score on the planter boxes - I would definately have grabbed those up. Happy week to you Anita.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Ha ha, I love the video.........and how good and inspiring your words are to never act as if you have grown old! Keep it up! A great deal on those terra cotta planters....they are so pretty! All of your hats are just adorable. And you are right.....even though we have others that are competition in things we do, it is still great to have a common thread and to enjoy each other's talent.

tesselleelle said...

Bellissimi tutti i tuoi cappelli e berretti, ottimi gli affari che riesci a fare nei tuoi mercatini, ho letto con piacere tutto quello che hai scritto, bellissime le parole alla fine, prima del video, molto divertente sulle tue capacitร  di palestra. Molto coinvolgente lo spazio che dividi con tuo marito per rilassarti. Bello il tuo amore di mamma e tenerissimo il mio amico Milo, vero furbacchione.....sei troppo forte Anita! rimani sempre cosรฌ, con la tua grande simpatia.
Un grande abbraccio,

p.s. Anita come si chiama il cespuglio, dove Milo fa le buche? mi piace molto


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