Sunday, February 25, 2018

Follow your heart
but take your brain.

In one breath I tell you how excited I has rained a little today, in my next breath I tell you because it rained only a little, that it will be a hot humid day. Am I happy or sad? 🙋😁

For now I will chose happy. Such a busy and constructive week I had and an extra day at work, I wonder where the week has gone? To top a
 busy week off, I must say, I did go to our Ag. Society meeting which always leaves me in stitches. One funny comment from one of our darling members...and the whole meeting went to pieces. They're a crazy bunch of loves.

What have I been making?

Since my last market sales were a 'flop', and etched firmly in my mind, the comment "it is too hot for your doll to wear a poncho".....


I decided to 'sew' some dolls clothes. Maybe they won't be too hot for a doll to wear. I don't have any patterns but I am making simple cut, easy for children to use kind of clothing. The girls are always wanting woolly hats as part of their accessories for the dolls, so I'm happy about that. I love crocheting them. Here is lovely Pina modelling the pretty and bright outfit I have made.

Grazie Pina

 Yellow hat, and yellow floral print dress and pink skirt and hat set. The pink set is crochet...I have to admit. I'm owning up.....

Pina modelling the outfit...

and the woolly hat.
A selection of woolly hats.

A sweet little crocheted top

 I managed to slide in a bit of stitching as well. This will be part of a cushion I am working on at the moment. I have cut random sized lengths of material in tones of mauve and purple prints and will stitch them together. I thought it would be cute to have one length stitched. For my Italian friends the word I am stitching will say Goodnight. My english speaking friends could see what that word was going to be. 💟

 With much laughter I introduce our new friends to the neighbourhood. A family of magpies. At this time of year the young birds are now flying around with their parents, looking for food and screaming out to their parents to find more food.

then come more....

the lookout...

 We have been throwing meat out for them and they return. The magpie are known for swooping at people but this is when the chicks are still in the nest. They seem to calm down after that, which is understandable.
 I have noticed there is a new craze in the form of what is called a 'reading' cushion. Pockets are made on the sides of the cushions to store away a reading book. How cool is that? I have decided to make one and see if it is a success. I have used bright coloured fabric to interest people. You will have seen the colours before as this is leftover fabric. I think they're a great idea.

 See all these tea towels? I could not sell one of them at the markets...not one. However, the next day over the internet I sold them all. Very happy.
 This my friends is the trauma we suffer every time we go to water the back yard. It was my husbands turn to suffer the beast. lol It is the sprinkler at the end of the hose and Milo must have it.

dear Milo

 Even trying to roll the hose in is a pain. Right to the very last. I think if my husband had any hair on his head...he would've tried to pull it out. Lol...but he doesn't have any. lol
Thank you all for stopping by and sharing my photos and stories with me. I now go to suffer the ironing before it gets really hot here. A beautiful Sunday to you all.

Ciao, Anita.


Maria said...

Happy Sunday to you Anita. Hot and humid here. Thank goodness for air cons....
Sweet collection of dolls clothes. The book cushions are great , hope you sell your projects at the next market.
Pleased your towels sold online. what do you sell them through ????
Oh naughty Milo. Sew annoying grabbing the hose when trying to roll it up....

Karen S said...

Oh, dear. Wet and steamy! That is our Summer for you!!
Love all the cute little doll outfits. I think they are so sweet.
And, yes, the book cushions are very popular!
How exciting to sell all the tea towels. Now you need to make more.
What fun to have such a playful dog. Just imagine how boring it would be if he just sat there!!!

Capricci della Ste said...

Bellissimo questo post.
Lungo e ricchissimo.
Hai fatto proprio tantissimi lavori a maglia; sono tutti così belli.
E che dire poi dei vostri nuovi vicini; adorabili.

Capricci della Ste said...

Ciao Anita,
rispondo alla tua domanda oltre che sul mio blog anche sul tuo.
Hai visto giusto, il cortile è lastricato con delle lastre di pietra naturale, che abbiamo usato anche per fare dei sentieri in mezzo al giardino. Oggi erano bagnate per cui ti sembravano sul grigio, ma in realtà hanno dei riflessi rossi.

JoJo said...

Milo is so cute! Dogs are adorable. So are all the projects you did. I especially love the pocket cushions! Hope things cool off for you soon. I dread the summer.

Kim said...

Your posts each week, are always burgeoning with gorgeous pretties you have fashioned. Love the dolls' outfits. Surely they will fly off your stall. AND....all those crochet pretties, just gorgeous! Aren't those pocket cushions fabulous. Such a good idea to enclose a book...a cushion on which to laze on whilst reading a good book...perfect.

Mereknits said...

Anita you made me smile yet again. I just love to visit with you.

Julie said...

Loving your dolls clothes Anita ... they are just gorgeous. I do hope you manage to sell some. I think the book pillows are a great idea too ... might have to make one for my grandson. We used to have a farm dog that chased the hose every single time I was washing down the yard at the cowshed. We would have great antics while he jumped in the air for the water. Used to keep me amused no end!!!

Angélica D said...

que bonita esa ropa para la muñeca Anita .. realmente es muy entretenidas sus fotos con todos sus trabajos.. espero que tengas un lindo dia


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