Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy birthday Heather.

Your life does not get better by chance,
It gets better by change.

Good morning wonderful world, good morning to everyone! Did you girls have a lovely week? I hope so. My week was pretty groovy I can say. Darling Heather the feather had a birthday on Friday and we went out to a local cafe to celebrate. Just look at that little face, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth? lol She could charm the dew right off the honeysuckle!!
I wish you all the best of everything Heather. Love you xx.
 I happened to mention to the lady at the cafe that it was Heather's birthday. So this is what she had done on Heather's plate. How lovely, thanks Sherree.
My beautiful week has been jam packed with creating, crocheting, knitting, relaxing and teasing having fun. On the advise of my darling niece Lisa, I decided to turn my hand at making some Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle beanies. I have no pattern but an eye for copying.
I used a basic beanie pattern and added a few rows of red, blue etc and then changed back to the green. Made up some eyes and a tie at the back of the beanie and there you have it.

I did a little tidying up time in my sewing shed and came across several beanies that I had knitted up ages ago and done nothing with. I decided to add some crocheted flowers to the side of the beanie and it really made it look lovely. I did say that over these holidays I would use the time to restock and I'm on target.
More booties are popping up as well. I had made several baby beanies before I remembered that someone had told me that people will often want a set of things, so instead of just knitting up a random pair of booties I now will make a beanie or a top to go with it. Good advise I must say.

I have also spent a ton of time in the garden these last few weeks, regardless of the heat we've had. I came across something so amazing that I thought I would share it with you. A little while back I posted about purchasing these beautiful pots and pedestals and I then planted cuttings of geraniums. So  these cuttings that have not been in the pots that long have grown and incredibly this is what I have found in them. Can you see the perfectly made Willy wagtail nest?
For my Italian bloggers, the Willy wagtail is a cheeky but protective bird here in Australia. When they have chicks they will attack anything,as all Mother's do!! lol It is quite something to see them swoop at birds twice their size, and even humans if you get too close.
I will show you some of my Italian garden and how it is growing. I want my bougainvillea to grow on a single stem, just as I had seen throughout Italy. This is a picture after I pruned the other branches away.
Peeking through the archway. The gap in the ground is where my Cypress tree no longer exists....thanks to Milo. But I have asked Anne and Harry for replacement plants.
Image result for italian clipart
Here is the culprit sniffing around the second bougainvillea plant. This plant is slightly taller than the other one and has flowers. Very pretty.
Well my dear friends, the day is young and I'm planning a mixed day. Before it gets too hot outside I plan to clear away the leaves that have fallen on my garden path and cut back a few branches that need tidying up. I plan to do some sewing today as well. 

I hope your day is filled doing all the things you love to do, and remember to make each day count.
Ciao, Anita. Image result for clip art hearts


I am said...

Hi Anita,i hope your friend heather had a lovely day and wow i love seeing the projects you have made,you do such beautiful work,i love the hats.
Have fun in your garden today.

webbsway said...

OOOO Happy Birthday to Miss Heather- she is so beautiful! I was so excited to see her have a birthday! What a thrill to be able to take her out and have some fun!!! Memories like that can not be bought for any price.

LOVE , LOVE - your projects. The Turtles are precious! The caps and booties are too! I was drooling over that green shirt in your banner - did you make that too???????????????

Wish I could send you some of my SNOW and below freezing temperatures to cool your brow!!!!!!!!!! lol

Kim said...

Hello lovely lovely to visit your happy place. LOVE those Ninja Turtle beanies. How very clever of you; they look like the real thing. I see you are in the midst of woolly madness; how on earth do you whip up so many pretties in such a short space of time?? Say happy birthday to Heather for me. She has the face of an angel!! =) Have a lovely week, lovely lady!

JoJo said...

Happy birthday to Heather!!! And I love those TMNT beanies. My stepson & DIL would LOVE one of those for our grandson Dale. Esp it being winter in Ohio!

Verbena C. said...

Buon Compleanno Heather ♥
Io adoro la bouganville e la tua sta crescendo bene.. se Milo lo permette!
Buona settimana cara amica.

Mereknits said...

HAppy Birthday to Heather. Love all that you have made Anita. Have a great week.

Fiona said...

Happy birthday to Heather.... your garden is looking lovely and so nice to have the nest to watch..... always great creations too...

Julie said...

Just catching up on some posts Anita. Happy New Year to you !! Glad to see you have been creating up a storm - everything looks amazing. Your garden is looking wonderful too - its hot & getting real dry here now so our gardens are looking rather shabby. Belated Birthday greetings to Heather too x x x

Jane Galley said...

What a fantastic find! enjoy watching the babies

Karen S said...

How lovely to share time with Heather on her birthday. And fun, too.
Love the idea of the beanies for TMNTs. Very creative.
I do agree with the idea of making sets with your knitting - they are very popular.
And I am amazed at how well your garden is lasting in the heat.
Keep enjoying your holidays!!!

Angélica D said...

Hi dear Anita ,, feliz cumpleaños y puedo ver un arduo trabajo ,,, un bello trabajo a crochet amiga querida,,que tengas un Buen Día


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