Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vivere una vita bella = Live a beautiful life.

Count your nights by stars, not shadows; count your
Life with smiles not tears.
Italian proverb.

If there is such a word as 'awesomest' then that’s been my last few days! Boy I’ve been bashing away at the crocheting, knitting, planning, sewing and enjoying my lovely days.  I’ve made a good choice in surrounding myself with heaps of wonderful friends and I’ve accidentally found some special ones as well. 

Some of my new interests have been through meeting these fantastic people. Now who would ever think I could possibly put my knitting needles down long enough to learn more crochet stitches than I am now doing?!!  This is what I’m up too at the moment......

A round crocheted cushion with citrus colours.

The back is done in a single colour but you can use the same colours as you do on the front of the cushion. I preferred this way.
The finished size will be approximately 43cm across. I am going to make another round cushion and because I’m getting pretty confident with crocheting, I will look for another pattern to try. 

This one is called Mandy’s Mega Mandala cushion. Click here if you would like the pattern.

I have another pattern on the go, my hands need to keep busy.


Heather the feather had given me some beautiful yarn a while back for my birthday and I’d been waiting for the right project to use it for. I found this lovely neck warmer with big buttons. I’m stoked!!! It looks gorgeous and I wish you could all feel it. With the leftover yarn I made a head band.

Knitted items I will be taking to market.....Can’t keep up with the baby beanies and booties.

Oh and here is another yarn I wish you guys could touch. I was given this yarn so unfortunately I do not know the brand or name of it. It’s beautiful. I had enough to make another neck warmer. It didn’t take long for our customers to get interested in the winter items. A little bit of rain and cool weather and it’s on their mind.


I wasn’t too sure about this pattern when I first saw it. Notice the opening of the 
cardigan, it  is off centre? Well it’s not this crazy old girl knitting wonky, it’s the pattern. I’m slowly becoming very fond of it.

This is a small collection of my works I have made and they’re going on display at the local library.  I was meant to have it displayed in March but I have only been contacted just recently to have my display. 

Here it is......

 Image result for clip art poultry

The crazy gang at the Agricultural Society held a Poultry Auction on the weekend. It was Captained by Paul, the Poultry Master! And what a wonderful job he and the gang did, so much organising went into the day. It was such a success and fun. This is a great bunch of people who love to see the community enjoy themselves and bring life to the town. 

It was hard to get photo's this day as everyone was flat out. But I have to say the two ladies below in green tops are sketchy sorts!!! lol I don't know what they were doing but I'm too scared to ask! lol
Image result for clip art small heart

Meet Jim and Neville! Image result for clip art small heart

Jim is pretending to be doing some work with his blue shirt on and Neville with his hat on, has probably just finished telling someone a fantastic and funny yarn. I missed getting photo's of the other ratbags, and yes.....Heather was with me too. (She was right out of control)  xxxx

Some interested visitors looking at the variety of poultry on show

Thanks for joining me today. I’m about to buzz off now because I still have heaps I want to do. The sewing shed is calling me.....so is the washing machine but I’m pretending not to hear the machine. Lol  Whatever you're doing today, live a beautiful life.
Ciao,  Anita.

Vivere una vita bella


JoJo said...

Those colourful cushion patterns remind me of the giant lollipops with the swirled colours. Do you know the ones I mean? Maybe they are just popular in the states. I just adore that smiling, spotting pillow guy!!!! SO CUTE!!!!

Fiona said...

lovely bright and happy work you are doing - I can see your inspiration coming from the pic in Italy...

Mereknits said...

Once again Anita you have put a smile on my face, just reading your blog makes me happy. Love your makes,

Julie said...

Your knitting & crocheting are - as always - just beautiful Anita. I am just playing catch up on my blog reading. Your display at the Library looks amazing ... hope it generates some sales for you too. Great post.

Jane Galley said...

You've been busy, the cushions are so bright and summery. Asymmetric designs are sometimes difficult to get our heads around, it does look good though

Kim said...

You are knitting up a storm, aren't you. I love that colourful crochet cushion, great colours. Your all things woolly display at the library looks wonderful. What a delight to see all those lovely knits of yours all together.

Karen S said...

Great work with all that crocheting. Love the look of the cushion and the stunning colours.
Now how gorgeous are all your knitted treats!! I love the little off centre baby jacket. I like things a little different!
The chook auction looked big and busy. Lots happening.
And last but not least - your library display! I think it is such a brilliant idea and I love the end result. You have created so many wonderful items from those books. The display is sure to inspire many visitors!!


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