Sunday, April 3, 2016


We cannot have a perfect life
without friends.

Hey! A jolly good morning to you all!

 I thought I’d get in early this morning with blogging because around my parts, we’re in for a very warm day.  We are meant to be in autumn, however in Australia that doesn’t mean we get the coolness straightaway, she kind of comes in with the hot weather still blazing.

Heather + me @ markets all day = lots of laughing, sledging each other and all others, fun, friendship house work done!!!!

Thank goodness hubby took on the roll of laundry lady, dish washer and cleaner. Thanks Pix, you’re a doll. 

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This week at my house.....
 I must say that little crocheting was done this week, but I really enjoyed what I was making. My stock at the markets for cushions is a bit low so I thought I'd add another sweetie to the pile. You gals know the feeling of not being able to throw away the leftover yarns? Come on, you know you can admit it. lol Well I will be honest enough to say I do know that feeling and I found the perfect way to use it up.
It's size is 40cm x 40cm ; knitted in 8 ply and I've used three buttons on the back.

 Just look how lovely the cushion is casually perched upon the seat. It's these sorts of items that make a house a home. Sometimes I see homes that don't have any thing in the way of these warm touches and think how much nicer it would feel to have a small table runner, mini wall quilt, handmade cushion etc. My house is with these added touches and I love it. How about you?

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 I thought I would also give you a look at the sweater/jumper I had for myself a little while back. There were pics of this as I was making it but I never showed the finished project. Thank you for the reminder Linda!! lol This is another reason I'm hoping autumn and winter start soon. I'm itching to wear this one.

 This is an itty bitty small baby cardigan I made during the week. Man it is tiny....and the pattern clearly said that. I decided to keep going with it and get it finished as I don't have any prem baby items to sell. If you are interested in knitting it click here. It is a very easy pattern and knits up in no time. I used 8 ply yarn with size 8 (4mm) needles. There is a bigger size too, so happy knitting if you decided to make it.
 This is my other project for the week. A cardigan for a year old child. It was made out of desperation really. I wanted to use up some beautiful yarn that had been given to me and I also want to stock up on cardigan's for 1 - 3 year old children. Some people are requesting the darker colours for the small children, and if that's what they want, that's what I will make. Even though this cardi may look dark to some, it is so so soft to touch. I'm happy with it. I just have to block it now.

 I have shown this little beauty off before but of course, without the button and flower. I have now offically finished this project and it's off to market. It fits a new born baby and the yarn was purchased from Italy. It is very beautiful yarn, a cotton feel.
Well my friends it is time to go and face the ironing, a chore that is usually done on Friday mornings. I tell you housework is always waits for you. lol. Now for this coming is the last week of term before I go on 2 weeks holiday again. It will be time to clean out cupboards and wash everything, but it will also be a time to create beautiful gifts as well.

Enjoy this lovely Sunday, be thankful for all our friends, for every day we are given, be creative, soak up the sun,take time to listen to the noises of nature, love the tea and coffee!! lol
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                                                                   Ciao, Anita.

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JoJo said...

I love that cushion! Those pinks are the best! We had a fairly good winter overall, but now that it's April, snow is in the forecast for the next 3 days! So weird! I have flowers coming up in my yard. I hope they don't die.

Kim said...

Love that 'pretty in pink' cushion. Your jumper is cool. Let's hope the weather cools down soon for you so that you can be seen round about town in it. Oh my, that baby cardie is tiny, but oh so cute. I suppose dark knits for children is a good idea.....especially as they love to wear dirt. =)

Jane Galley said...

Love the cushion, it really pops and I'm glad you've shown us your finished jumper, it's beautiful

Mereknits said...

I am putting off a goof vacuum while I read this. I am in love with the cushion and even more in love with the sweater you made for yourself. Have a great week,

Maria said...

You are always creating lots of fabulous knits for the markets....
Love the tiny cardi and bright pink one....

Fiona said...

some great work there - I love your knitted jumper...

Karen S said...

Enjoy those holidays that are coming your way. Even with the hot days are you getting cooler nights?
Love all the knitted clothes and the crochet cushion is a great way to use up bits.
What fun!

Anonymous said...

The colors on the cushion a wonderful! So bright and cheery! I suspect you will get to wear your beautiful sweater soon enough. Let's see, according to your post, I'm doing pretty well in the homey decor department: Cusihions, table runner, and quilted wall hanging, yup! Got 'em! Enjoy your holiday.

Roberta Mendes said...

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Angélica D said...

Hola querida Anita ,,, qué bonito trabajo a crochet y me encanta verla trabahando tanto por su físico
La felicito


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