Sunday, December 6, 2015

Keep all that is good for your soul close to you
and everything else can just

stay away.

 After the fantastic night I had last night with my tribe of Ag Society friends.....I’m surprised I’m blogging this morning!! Lol Thanks you crazy bunch of larikans for a groovy night of fun and laughter.

Now I left you all last time with something to wonder about......What am I knitting in blue, white and gold? Here is my secret project........Banana's in Pyjamas. Especially made for my little nephew 

 Have heaps of fun with Banana’s little man.

I have an old and favourite Play School book that has all the groovy characters from that program to knit. Soft toys are always the way to go for little kids, they love them.

I've done some sewing for the markets this week. 3 little summer skirts for 4 year girls. As our weather is so hot here in the summer, there is nothing like a light cotton skirt to wear. There are so many free patterns out there on the net that the world is your oyster when you choose a pattern.

 I’ve also had a crochet hook attached to my hands this week as I just had to try a pattern I found over at Attic 24. This is the start of the Blooming flower cushion and when I finish it it's going to be a charmer. Perhaps it can be for another special niece of mine? lol

 There is an absolutely fantastic tutorial on how to crochet this wonderful pattern, and take it from me.....anyone can do it. It is so simple. They’ve done a great job on the tutorial. Want to try it? Click here.

Yes and still on the go.....I did some sewing as well. I decided that some new Christmas gear was needed this year, and what nicer addition than a runner for my antique tea trolley. A groovy idea to use up some leftover fabrics as well.

This runner will be for the top shelf and I will make another for the bottom.
 Call me crazy if you like, but the other day I found a cute little pattern for these Chrissy decorations.....
Now I can’t find them again to share the pattern! Oops! I’ll keep looking. These actually start out as a circle and end up like this.
I’m sad to have to go but at least one day over the weekend must be clean up day.....not that I like the idea. I hope gals are all starting to gear up for Christmas. It’s such a fun time for me as I love looking at all the Chrissy ideas that start popping up on everyone’s blogs. Have a super week everyone.

Ciao, Anita.


Maria said...

Oh Hamish will love his Bananas in PJ man... Sew cute.
Pretty flower and sweet dresses but where is the hot weather.
I am in Pertth for a visit and it's cold.. Only bought clothes for warm weather :(

Mereknits said...

You are always to busy and so much fun. Have a great week.

JoJo said...

Bananas in pyjamas are so CUTE!!!!!!! I know you all grew up with Christmas being in the middle of your summer but I can't imagine having hot weather and my decorations up. I didn't even like the mild winter weather in California in Dec. lol It's clear that the Christmas marketed to everyone takes place in the Northern hemisphere with snow and frostiness and sleighs. I don't like snow, but the cold is preferable.

Sandra :) said...

OMG Hamish is just adorable, lol! I haven't done any Christmas baking or decorating yet. With both kids gone now, out on their own, doing all that work on my own isn't very appealing, especially when hubby doesn't really care one way or the other if any of it gets done :D Much to my surprise, both boys, who were kinda Scroogey when they lived at home, are showing more Christmas spirit now that they're out on their own - I'd like to smack them for that, LOL! I've been doing Christmas *gift* sewing, and listening to A Twisted Sister's A Twisted Christmas album - that gets me in Christmas mode :D

Jane Galley said...

You're going to have one happy nephew, it's brilliant

Fiona said...

always such fun things to see at your place....

Karen S said...

I have always loved Bananas in Pyjamas. Definitely a favourite.
That is a stunning flower to crochet. I think I may have actually made one of these at some time. Lovely idea for a cushion centre.
Looks like you are well on the way to Christmas with your decorations and runner.
Keep counting down te days until the holidays!!!


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