Friday, November 27, 2015

Meet Peppa pig.

Small cheer and great welcome
makes a merry feast.
-William Shakespeare.

Buongiorno my friends! Give me the slightest sniff of Christmas and I’m in the mood!! Loving the colours of red, green and white.....for several reasons, one being it’s time to get the fabrics out and start sewing Chrissy things.

Just in the mood of Christmas, I have started to make Christmas decorations and gifts. My first gift is for my niece Shae.....who adores Peppa pig! (Oh lord, even her slippers have got Peppa pig on them! Lol)

 Don’t you love Peppa pig?
And here are two little country styled Santa’s that I’m almost finished making. I found a basic pattern from a fabulous Homespun magazine and just adapted the clothing to what I wanted. Oh dear I’m sounding more and more like Heather the feather (frightening!!)

I’ve gone back to my original plan of doing other crafts than knitting. Though it is a struggle, I think you gals will be proud of me this week. lol
Image result for clipart flowers
Below are two gorgeous crocheted cushion covers, both ready for market. The first one is done in the original granny squares, inspiration via Attic 24.

Ever looked at some crochet patterns and wondered how on earth did they start with a round shape and manage to turn the shape into a square block? The same as this next cushion cover is? 
Image result for clipart crochet
Well now I know and if you would like to have a go at this incredibly easy pattern click here for the flower and here for the edging.

Come with me on a nature walk.....
A few pics of how our little chicks are getting on.....the first four are getting to that kinda ugly stage....Ma is still protecting them like a guard dog.

Image result for clipart chickens

Here are the newer bundles of joy, still with their cute fluffy feathers. There are 7 in this crew.

.......and here we have Mr. Pray mantis. He was a whopper!

Some one call the RSPCA!! Look at that poor dog!!! Oh no.....wait.....we all know who that is!!!! It;s Milo

Sometimes it’s fun to pay him back for the stuff he does to us. This was quite funny to see his reaction to a shirt being put on  him. 

But he rips it to bits in true Milo form.

Well groovy gals, things to do around here. There’s some ironing, sewing and pool fixing to do, so I best be off. Have a fantastic Sunday and a lovely week ahead. I’m counting down the weeks until I have a lovely long holiday so I’m as eager as a beaver for that to happen.

Ciao, Anita.
P.S. On my knitting needles I have something in blue, white and gold....for my little nephew Hamish. Can you guess what I might be making? Tee hee hee. The joy of having little nieces and nephews.
Image result for clipart green and red hearts


Sandra :) said...

OOOoOoooo what a great collection of pictures and projects! I sent a set of Peppa Pig books to a great nephew a few years ago when he was a little guy - I also have Peppa Pig ribbon in stash somewhere - I've been meaning to decorate a bib or a zipper bag with it ... eventually :D Your Santas are very handsome, but they shouldn't be sitting around - time's a wasting - I think they have a very long To Do list at the North Pole! ;) The crochet cushion covers are beautiful - I love pink, but I love flowers too - I'd just have to buy and use both of them so I wouldn't need to make a decision, lol. Momma liiiiiiiiike :D The chicks are cute, not ugly, but the stick figure - I'll just pass on him, hehe. Milo is a darling - he looks so innocent while he's sleeping :D

Maria said...

Was just thinking about you my friend and up you popped....
Oh my GGDs would love yor nieces Peppa Pig. She's gorgeous....
Love those long lanky Santas and your crocheting is fabulous....
Oh No Milo what are they doing to you....LOL.
Are you knitting a jumper for your nephew???
Have a great week Hugz from me....

Mereknits said...

Where do you get your energy? I need some so send some my way! Love all that you have made.

JoJo said...

So many beautiful projects! Peppa Pig is so CUTE! So is Milo!!!! And the chicks!

Julie said...

Love your Santas Anita ... & Peppa Pig is rather cute. Your chickens sure are growing & that Milo ... just look at that adorable face. I am sure he doesnt do half the things you accuse him of !!!! (wink) I'M sure its another dog in the neighbourhood :-)

Karen S said...

Hi There. I am very late catching up.Peppa Pig is gorgeous. That is a wonderful gift. And the two crochet cushions are lovely. Great colours and thanks for adding the link. I will have to try that one.
Good to see the chooks and chicks doing so well and enjoying the garden.
Yes, there are only a few weeks until a lovely holiday break for you. Good luck.


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