Sunday, October 11, 2015

Good morning possums!!

Oh wow…….I’ve fallen off the wagon already. All of my heartfelt promises about doing other crafts instead of knitting has not happened!! Lol...mind you I’m going to defend myself here and say that I’ve started a baby blanket that is going to take me a fair while and there is no spare time for any other crafts. So there….I’m all better now.

I will show you next post how I’m going with the baby blanket. I’m really chugging away at this one as it’s knitted in 3 ply and a delicate lace pattern. What I will share with you today is my yarn bombed, knitted Rubik's cube. This was an entry in the show. I wanted to enter something in the yarn bombing section that was a bit different to the traditional things you see. This is where I love Pinterest. I have these favourite boards that I pin my ideas to and I was lucky enough to find a picture of a Rubik's cube. Sorry folks, no pattern….all made up in my head.

This is a blanket I entered in the show and one I enjoyed making so much. It is done in an 8 ply yarn, and if some of you have a sharp eye, you will notice the lace work around the edge is the same lace that I used on 2 baby blankets I have made a while ago.

Today is my last day of holidays and one of the plans on the list to do was to get into the garden. I’m so happy with myself for sticking to it, it’s made me all interested again in the garden. Being honest, I was on the look out for any slithering in the tall grass. I didn’t want to have any encounters with snakes. Our weather is heating up so fast that there have already been snakes found.
Image result for clip art butterflies
Do you ever love a particular project you’ve made so much, that it’s a bit more special than any other? This is the one for me. I saw it at the Perth Royal Show and fell in love with it. I went as far as to track down the entrant and ask where she got the pattern. It was quite a journey to get the pattern but it was so worth it.
Image result for clip art hearts
Matching bloomers

A confession now…..I just had to purchase these beautiful shades. I know I’m trying to get rid of my stash, but I crashed and burned here. The devil made me do it. lol

Image result for clip art flowers
Well today I’m going to be spending time with that wacky crazy bunch from the Ag. Society. We’re holding a fundraiser at a local venue and I just know we’re going to have heaps of fun. 

Perhaps we will start off being on our best behaviour, maybe not.
Have a groovy day gals.

Ciao, Anita.
Viva italia


Jane Galley said...

what a gorgeous little dress and bloomers

JoJo said...

Gorgeous! Are the snakes poisonous?

Kim said...

Your Rubik's cube is a wee bit clever. Gorgeous baby blanket, Anita and as for the darling pink concoction....just adorable. Your garden is looking rather lovely. I am always on the alert for those slithering varmints....yukkity yuk! Have a great week back at school.

Fiona said...

nothing wrong with doing heaps of knitting if that's what you love.... the garden is looking good.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest little knitted dress I've ever seen! Wow! I love your creative Rubrik's cube. Always fun to stop by and see what you've been up to. Peace.

Karen S said...

As always your knitting is delightful. The little pink outfit is adorable.
Well done with your garden efforts, too.
And I hope the fund raiser went well.


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