Sunday, October 18, 2015

Can I help you weed?

This is what we woke up and found the other priceless! Whats that face all about? Lol Im glad I managed to take the snap when I did because as soon as Milo realised I was there he jumped straight out of the wheel barrow for a morning cuddle. Lol

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I have my last knitting order of the year to do and its a big one! A vintage style baby blanket knitted in three ply. I have 248 stitches on my needles and it takes forever to knit 1 inch.. lol

I will show you my progress with this as I go along. The lace edging is going to be stunning on this blanket.
 Such a delicate pattern
 White seems to  be the in colour around here. Even the flowers blooming right now are white!!
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 A strange friend giggle giggle
Stalker beware!!

Well this was only going to be a quick show and tell post today, as I have much to do. I hope to do some blog visiting later on today, so I cant wait to drop in on you.

Ciao for now, Anita.

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Julie said...

Hi Anita, Just look at that Milo's face - he is priceless. Looks like he is thinking "gosh this is a nice cosy place Mum made me to sleep in". You have to smile when you see that - he sure must brighten your day. Your knitting is beautiful as always. Have a great week.

Maria said...

WSuch an innocent looking face... Butter won't melt in Milos mouth... You were quick getting the lovely photo.
Shawl is looking good and who was behind the vase. Wasn't Heather the Feather?

JoJo said...

How cute is Milo?!?!?! ADORABLE!

Jane Galley said...

Love that blanket, happy knitting

Kim said...

I know I have said this before but your Milo is the sweetest puppy!! My, your baby blanket is lovely. So, so many stitches and isn't that a lovely pattern. Have a lovely week....happy knitting.

Karen S said...

Love seeing Milo in the wheelbarrow. They really can do the craziest things. Great photo.
Now that knitting is looking lovely. So fine and delicate. I admire your patience with this one.

Gillian said...

I love knitting that sort of baby blanket. I've done them in 2-ply and even 1-ply (cobweb).


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