Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friends and acquaintances.

First keep peace within yourself,
then you can also bring peace to others.
-Thomas á Kempis
I had such a wonderful social week, catching up with many friends and acquaintances I hadn’t seen in a long time. One visit I was really hanging for was the get together with Maria from Life on the Block blog. I shot off in the car with my partner-in-crime companion Heather and drove over to a sleepy little historical town and met up with Maria and her tribe of friends.

Here we are, the three of us. Now......the villain on the left of your screen is Heather the feather (I’m surprised her little horns and pokey tail were not visible), the lovely Maria....oh and that’s me on the right of your screen (the innocent looking one) lol.

Heather, Maria & I
It was lovely to catch up with you Maria, I had been  looking  forward to it for so long. Your tribe of patch working friends are truly fun ladies. Here they are below.
I had mentioned to you before about the markets I was going to sell some of my goods at, well that happened yesterday and what fun I had. Here is our little stall being set up by Lynda.

A side view.....
This is my collection of handmade goods.
It was a warm day with some lovely breeze coming through. Met some of the stall holders next door and terrorized them with friendly fire. Lol I also met so many friends I hadn't seen for ages and lots of customers from when I worked at the local library. Lots of chatting and catching up all day. Super!!
Pretty happy with my sales and will be attending the next market too.

I have almost finished my big knitting project to show you for next time....well the first part of it anyway. Lol
Stay happy and I’ll be back next week.

Cheers, Anita.


Julie said...

Hi Anita, Isnt it always lovely to get to meet a fellow blogger? That is a lovely photo of the 3 of you ...No I cant see Heathers horns either!!! So glad to hear your stall went well, it all looks great out on display, I would've certainly be enticed by some of your goodies.

Karen S said...

You have been having a busy but lovely time. So good to meet fellow bloggers and share each others company.
Your market stall looks lovely. What a perfect day with a breeze going through.
I used to do markets in my other lifetime. I found it took the first couple to establish then I was off and running with a busy time.
I hope you do really well!

Maria said...

LOL had the best time with you both and I am pleased Heather keep her horns and tail tucked away..
How nice to have caught up with lots of old acquaintances at the markets while also doing well.
look forward to seeing you knitted bag next week.

Gillian said...

Glad you enjoyed the market and got on well with your sales.


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