Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back to work.

Instill the love of you into all the world
For a good character is what is remembered.
-The Teaching for Merikare, par 24.

All I can say is......’Oh I miss my nana naps’! Lol....I returned to work after having almost 6 weeks annual leave and over the holidays I learnt the art of having a sleep in the afternoons (something I don’t do).. My first day back was a scorcher of a day and by noon I was a dreaming of having a lovely nap.. Other than that I settled back into work pretty well and the other mad cappers that work there helped the day cruise on.

I’m afraid that my craft time has been slashed this week and can show you only a couple of items I have made. I have a major project on the go but I would love to show you it when I’ve finished.

But grab a cup of tea, have a seat and come with me as I share my week with you.........

Having been inspired by little Miss Shae’s tooth fairy doll, I decided to make another one to sell at the markets.........
 A groovy little pair of boot cuffs for a sweet niece of mine. I knitted these in 8 ply, soft pink and I’m afraid I just made up the pattern as I went but they turned out just right. Little boot cuffs are the rage apparently so I’m going to make some for the coming winter season..
 Awww..............I just have to show you Heather the feather’s aliens. Heather had made one of these then she had to make more. Typical of her character I might add ie her shoefetish (Imelda). Ooops! Just leaving the slinging off right here, I must say they are pretty cool and one of them even reminds me of her. lol
 A wonderful piece of material that Imelda ......Heather gave me yesterday. I’m hoping I have enough of it to cover a stool for the library. Fingers crossed.
 Check this out! Cory took these photo’s at about 6.45 the other night. Darkness hadn’t quite set in and here we have a light blue sky with pink shaded clouds passing the moon
 ...bit more of a close up...the closer Cory zoomed in the darker the background but still the pink haze.
 Closer still and look at that moon! I love the detail in that shot. Cory is a champion with a camera.

 Any one remember what these funny looking things might be? No? If you have a look at a photo from the olden days and have a gander at the telephone poles you will see these funny little things. They are glass insulators that used to suspend phone lines (and power lines) from supporting poles. Hubby found them out in the bush. Pretty cool find hey?
 Oh, oh and yes, my little helper Milo (Mr Backyard destroyer). Milo had to investigate these curious things.
Look at that innocent face....not!! Lol!!

Well that’s my week wrapped up but I leave you with a thought. Something I have wondered about for such a long time and perhaps someone out there can answer this question.

You know when people get ideas from seeing other people’s work ie architects. They have seen other buildings and add this to it or that to it. Can someone please tell me where did the Romans get the idea for any one of those 1000’s of beautiful buildings over there? Examples the Pantheon, any thing in the Forum, the Leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum?

I mean truly, what did they see in the first place that would make them create such beautiful buildings and designs like that. If anyone out there has any thoughts, please share with me, I’d love to hear what you think.
See you next time groovy cats.
Cheers, Anita.

                                                      The Pantheon, Rome.


Primroses Attic said...

Anita they are beautiful buildings, but don't have an answer for you. Love your toothfairy and those pics of the pink sky and moon incredible.

creations.1 said...

No answer for you Anita! You still managed to create even though you are back at work! Your son's photos are amazing!!

JoJo said...

You are lucky you have a job you can return to after 6 weeks and you don't have to work 50 or 60 hours a week to catch up. Love all the pics - tooth fairy, those adorable aliens, the moon, pretty fabric....I love glass insulators too We have a few of them.

Maria said...

You managed to still create a lot even though you are back at work.
Love Milos ears and that face !!
Corny took some incredible photos of the sky and moon.

Patricia Lewis said...

I love your tooth fairy, but alas do not have the answer to your question:((
The Aliens are cute very talented :))
hugs pat :))

Jane Galley said...

You've still done a lot considering the heat and being back at work. I put up a picture of snow for you yesterday :) Those photos are wonderful

Julie said...

Hi Anita - you sure have still achieved lots considering you have been back at work & not getting your nana naps :-)
I love the boot toppers, they are so gorgeous. Love Corys photos - yes he is a whizz with the camera. Love Heather the feathers "aliens", they are very cool. Cant answer your question about the ancient buildings but yes, it does make you wonder. Milo has such a gorgeous little face ...I am SURE he doesnt do those naughty things Anita !!!! :-)

Kim said...

Couldn't you find a cosy corner in that library of yours and have a nanna nap?? Just put the kids on auto pilot! Your tooth fairy is sweet and Heather's aliens are very cool. Your Cory is a terrific photographer....and how sweet is your Milo...just too, too cute.

Karen S said...

Glad you survived your return to work even if there was a need for a nap!
Lovely to see a little crafting still happening. I hadn't seen the boot cuffs - new to me.
Tell heather her aliens are good fun.
Look at Milo and how much he is growing.
Hope this week goes well, too.

Gillian said...

The Romans copied everything in sight and then destroyed it so we'd think it was all their idea! You've managed to make quite a lot even though you're back at work. Love the boot tops.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely creations and the moon photos are beautiful. Amazing the detail in the close-up one! Cheers Wendy


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