Sunday, August 24, 2014

Knitting galore!

There is no such thing
in life as I can’t
A jolly good morning to you all out there! We have noticeable spring change in the weather in our part of the world. The mornings are full of birds chirping wildly, not so cold, warmth in the sunshine......and.......the rotten blow flies are around already. Today is looking good so far weather wise.

I have had quite a knit-a-thon and have been able to make heaps of fabulous stuff. I saw a cute banana’s coat hanger on the net and I thought I might try to make my own pattern up and here is my creation.....

Like it? I’m, pretty happy myself, though I am going to tweak the pattern a bit. The pattern I saw on the net had thick blue and white stripes running opposite way to how I have my stripes, and to be didn’t really seem the true look of banana’s in pyjamas, so I run thin blue and white stripes. Lol.

 A cute pair of bootees done in a favourite pattern I love to knit

Ultra, ultra soft yarn was used to knit this darling baby jacket in 4 ply

Someone asked me to crochet up these blocks for them and I said I would. The squares were crocheted in 5 ply Patons bluebell and it is the softest 5 ply I have felt in a long time. I don’t know what has been going on the the 5 ply yarns but they haven’t been as soft as usual. I don’t know if anyone out there has noticed that?
 I love the striking colours
Oh yes.....I did a stitchery as well (shock, shock) A fun little bag tag

For fun I have started to make this creepy little critter using an old hessian bag. I still need to put on whiskers, eyes, mouth and clothing. This will be fun in the library.
Yikes!!! Only a mother could love that head!!!
I’m so out of here now to have a squizz around other favourite blogs of mine. Hope heaps of nice things are happening for you all and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Cheers, Anita.


JoJo said...

Well you've been busy! Our summer is winding down here in New England and we can feel the fall in the air and see it in the light.

Fiona said...

very busy.... and lots of different projects.... that mouse is just so funny.... please show us another picture when you have done the whiskers etc...

Julie said...

You sure have been busy Anita - the knitting projects are beautiful as always but I just love your bag tag. I can feel a touch of spring in the air over here also :-)

Karen said...

Hi Anita. I am hoping Spring is on its way here too. I want to warm up.
I can see you have been on a knitting binge again. I adore the bananas coathanger. Great fun. Lovely booties and jacket. So sweet.
great squares for the rug. Interesting what you are noticing about the 5 ply.
That bag tag is lovely. Gorgeous stitching.
And that bag critter will have real character once you have finished with it!
Keep having fun.

Narelle said...

Oh, I don't know ... I think your little hessian friend could be a cutie :)
Love your knitting projects.

Jane Galley said...

Oh, what a lovely varied collection here. Love that jacket, and the blanket, and the stitchery ;) Have a great week

Wendy said...

As ever your posts are so full of lovely things you've made. I picture you knitting in your sleep as there's no way you could get all that done in your waking hours! I love the bananas in pajamas hanger!


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