Sunday, August 31, 2014

Footy on my mind!!

To accomplish great things,
we must not only act, but
also dream; not only plan,
but also believe.
Anatole France
I’m so happy about yesterday’s result with the Fremantle Dockers winning football!!! Good on you guys. Today I’ll be waiting patiently for the West Coast Eagles to start their game too. It’s always nice to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and watch the footy......I can also get heaps of knitting done. Lol.

This weekend I made this gorgeous little coat hanger cover.......
 It will make a cute little gift for someone. This baby blanket, being knitting in 8 ply is getting a little tricky and heavy to hold now, so I better knit faster and get it done!

 I thought I’d give you a close up shot to see what the pattern is like. It is a very simple pattern, but looks super.
So soft

Oh and my visit to the local craft shop got me all excited. Did I win lotto? No...just as good. I found this rather interesting thread that would do great for stitching Christmas things. Cute buttons and ribbon as well.

 Love our little visitor? I moved Cory’s school bag that is near the back door to sweep and I think this little guy got as much of a shock as I did. I love his startled look!!

Who are you????
A great find at the local library. I have gone in for the friendship bracelets recently....I think the kids at school have sparked me off.

Well, I’d better get all those chores done before the footy match, actually I’m a bit distracted today about the footy. My other Corey is over in Queensland at the moment with a footy crew and I’m hoping he’s having the best time. Thinking of you heaps mate.
Right guys, hope you’re all enjoying the weekend as much as I am. Stay happy, love rules!! Lol
Cheers, Anita.


JoJo said...

American 'footy' is starting now too. The true gateway to fall!

Maria said...

Yah! The Dockers .. I am not a real footy fan but that was a good game. All the best for the Eagles today.
Those coat hangers are sew handy , like the bumpy one your knitted.
The baby blanket is very sweet. Enjoy knitting this arvo..

Jane Galley said...

love the hanger cover and the blanket too. Have a great week

Anonymous said...

I will be right there with you ....knitting and NFL go together perfectly just like "footy" and knitting. :-)

Your hanger is lovely. I could just see a pretty bit of lingerie or a sweet sundress hanging from it.

Happy knitting!

Karen said...

That blanket is very pretty. Beautiful knitting.
Great finds at the op shop. Well done.
Love your visitor. Do yo often get them inside the house?
Hope you got lots more knitting done during the footy!

Katherine said...

Been a while since I have dropped by and you have been knitting up a storm! Love coming and seeing all the gorgeous things you make.

Val Spiers said...

I love that bumpy coat hanger and the blanket is beautiful. So much football!. I am not a big follower but hubby watches and I look on a bit.


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