Sunday, November 3, 2013

The world’s greatest treasure

Is the small, simple pleasure of

spending our time with good friends.

Well, hello there!! What a glorious morning it is in my little corner of the world today and I hope yours is too. I woke up so early this morning that all my ironing is done, minutes for meetings typed and sent, washing already on the go and my instinct is telling me that I’m going to get lots of time to knit and sew today. I wonder how well that plan works out?? Lol

I found some super duper yarn at the local craft shop this week and knitted this cute little baby top.....

Love the colours!
It is a favourite pattern that I found free on the net.
Sweet as
Click here for the pattern.

Another favourite here for instructions.

Hubby and I shot off to the suburbs on Saturday morning and found more yarn. How did that happen? There’s going to be lots of knitting going on around here.

Can’t  forget about the beads I found in Spotlight. I did have a look around my own town but couldn’t find these sort of beads, that’s why I didn’t shop locally.

And this is my little project I’m on at the moment.

Christmas is coming.
A cute little Christmas boot, pattern found in a magazine. When I finish posting this morning that’s where I’m headed....out to the sewing shed.
How about these eggs?

Blue eggs!!!!

Unusual colour you say? Absolutely. I actually saw these eggs at the local agricultural show and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. No, they are this funny colour. One of the farmers told me the breed of chook that lays these eggs are called Araucana.
Hubby came home a couple of nights ago from a farm and had been given 2 cartons of eggs. Yes, these funny little blue eggs were in the carton.
Well I’m about to head off to my sewing shed to keep making my Christmas boot. Hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday and everything is going great for you.
Cheers, Anita.

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Maria said...

Oh Anita what gorgeous yarn and it has knitted up into a sweet cardigan.. I am going to check out that pattern as I think I could knit that. LOL
How cute is that Elf Boot..
Enjoy your sewing in the shed..
HOT HOT HOT here today, 41 forcast and 36 now..
Good inside day with the air con on...

Narelle said...

Your knitting is just gorgeous and loving all the colour in your purchases.
Enjoy your Sunday :)

Jane Galley said...

one of our hens lays pretty blue/green eggs. It was a bit of surprise at first, lol. Lovely yarn, it's knits up beautifully

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely knitting

Terry said...

What pretty yarn! I LOVE that first baby top! :0)

Wendy said...

such beautiful baby cardies, you are so talented!

Karen said...

Lots of lovely knitting again! And obviously a lot more projects planned from the look of those purchases.
I am surprised at the eggs. I thought they were duck eggs at first.
Have fun!

Julie said...

Your knitting & your new yarns are just lovely Anita - gosh you get alot achieved. I hope your day turned out how you expected & you got lots done on your christmas boots. I love those free patterns you have shared too - thanks :-)

marina said...

love the little fair isle wool jumper. so pretty!
Lots of lovely wooly and bead purchases too.
Enjoy your blue eggs and blue christmas boot..


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