Sunday, November 17, 2013

It is in changing that

things find purpose.

Welcome to my blog and a fine morning to you all! I have had the best weekend so far....very productive and fun. On Friday I seemed to have misplaced my car keys, sharing this news with my oldest son Brandon, he decided to share that snippet with his father. So It’s been on for young and old around here. It took me until last night to find my keys (I’m notorious for losing things!! Lol).

I was asked to make some beaded dolls to sell at a stall and here they are.....

We’re so pretty

I don’t know yet how well they sold but will find out soon. On the creative line, here is Mr. Owl.
Who who

I just created him from no pattern sorry, but just surfing around on the net gives me plenty of ideas to work with. I had seen lots of owl patterns with felt wave for the front of the owls so I thought I could make some ruffles instead and I think it turned out pretty nice. Ric rac always is handy and pretty to use too. Mr. Owl stands about 11 inches high and I will be selling him at the tourist centre.
A friend of mine let me use her Jean Greenhowe knitting book and I had to make Santa.....

Santa was very easy to make but I have to admit I don’t really dig “fussy”. There were several ends to sew in and fuss around with, so even though it was fun to make one, I possibly will only make this one. He stands about 7 inches with his cap pulled straight up. Oh dear!!! I hope this doesn’t mean Santa won’t visit me at Christmas time...I better take those words back!! What are these? will have to wait until next time to see these.
Can you guess?

Let me know if you can guess what they will be. Lol
Well I’m buzzing off to see what I can create today, I’m sure I can hear that sewing shed calling my name. As always I’m looking forward to going to work this week, especially because I have been asked to help a group of girls with making dolls. I’m pretty excited about that and I just laugh quietly to myself when you listen to the funny things youngsters talk about. Takes you back to basics really. Have a super Sunday and a terrific week ahead.

Cheers,  Anita.

Beautiful Trevi fountain, Italy.


Charlie and Wendy said...

All your little projects are lovely, the beaded dolls are so cute!

Sandra :) said...

Owl is adorable (especially her eyes - the beading really makes them!) and Santa is cute too :) I think the project under construction is a Santa dolly, and those are his arms and legs :D My favourite of the projects, though, are the beaded dollies - LOVE THEM - I hope they sell like hotcakes!

Yesterday I finished the last of the Christmas gift quilts I was making for this year, so today I took it easy at the machine - I didn't do anything "must do" or "important" or stressful/fiddly. I cut out the fabrics for a quilt for next year (a June birthday). I made the first block of 9 for another quilt for next year (August birthday). I sewed 4 QAYG scrap blocks. It was a fun sewing evening - very peaceful - I was able to use the same thread and bobbin thread for all the projects - I love that, lol!

Karen said...

Look at all those little beaded dolls!! And I do hope lots sold.
Cute little Santa, too.
I hope you have a wonderful time with the children and doll making. I do agree that when they are doing a craft activity they tend to chatter about all sorts of odd things. Makes it good fun!

Jane Galley said...

lovely collection of dolls, and I just love the ruffles on the owl!

Justjen said...

I love all your creations, especially the beaded dolls, very cute :-)

Wendy said...

Definitely arms, though for what, I don't know.

Such cuties - dolls, owl and Santa! I have that very same book, my dad bought it for me when I was a girl and used to knit more.

Fiona said...

lovely little projects Anita...

Michelle said...

Ha Ha looks like you've chopped Santas arms off! Cute beaded dollies.


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