Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alpaca find

The heart that loves
is always young.
-Greek proverb

Heather and I just couldn’t control ourselves, we needed to make another trip to Toodyay for more wool, oh, and morning tea. This trip I discovered some super soft wool that simply had to come home with me. It is called Purla by Panda. It has 15% alpaca and by the feel of it, you would think most of it was alpaca. I plan to knit something for myself with this wool.

Super soft
From last weekend’s stash of wool I made a baby boy matinee jacket and a beanie to go with it. I am knitting with the pink wool right now but haven’t finished my project. I will show and tell next time.

Cute for a little boy!

On our trip home, I pulled over and took some photo’s guessed it.....a paddock full of alpaca’s. It was quite funny to see them all standing there staring at us, and then deciding to wonder off. I love all the different colours the alpaca’s come in.

What are those humans looking at????

A great find at the local library. A small book full of cute projects to knit.  Some patterns are knitted in wool and some using cotton. Since yesterday was adventure day, today is work day!!! I’m off to start my chores and wish everyone a wonderful day.

Cheers, Anita.   J


Karen said...

Your knitting is always lovely. I am so pleased you did not run off into the paddock to collect your own wool right off the animal's back!

Val said...

Lovely wools and knitting. The book of baby things looks like it will have some great projects. I love the one on the cover.

Cubby House Crafts said...

Beautiful knitting Anita! Love the shade of the Alpaca wool!
I am just learning how to knit, but it's taking me forever! Lol!

Vickie said...

ohhh wonder what masterpiece you will whip up in that gorgeous the wee set you made you are so cleverah,cheers Vickie


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