Sunday, March 10, 2019

Some people come into your life as blessings
Some people come into your life as lessons.

So my lovelies....I'm a little late posting today. A big rush of chores in the morning, trying to avoid the humidity we were expecting (and received). The last week has been a more productive one for me, even though the troubles of work and personal issues were still with me. I am glad to stay strong and keep pushing forward. 
My husband and I are celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary today. We have been together for more than half our lives and what a journey. Our two beautiful boys and our lives, so far being blessed with pretty good health. 

A blessing 💘

I had been commissioned to knit six hot cross buns and today I finished stitching them up. As you all know how much I 'love' stitching up things or putting buttons on.....👹....I was surprised that it was actually fun this time. I'll never say that again. 😂😂😂. They turned out very nice to be honest. No calories. 

 Hey, how about this fine win. This big, solid terracotta pot for only $10, purchased through our local face book Buy and sell page. I decided to go down to the nursery and buy a pretty plant to go with it.
 Still in sync with trying to use up left over yarn, here is another beautiful finished poncho. The size suits up to about a six year old child. I was truly amazed that I had yellow tones. I can't remember having used yellow when making things, but oh looks groovy. 🌹🌹
 I'm well on the way to having a good selection of stock for my customers at the markets for this winter. Last year the pikachu woolly hat sold very fast.
 The bag collection is also growing and they sell very quickly. I love seeing the things I sell walking around the town on the arms of small children. I get a buzz when I see the adult items as well.
 Talking about the markets...I've been cruising the Pinterest and have found inspiration for our stall, in the way of presentation. Out of left over coloured card and some lamination, I've made this little item pegs. They will just be gorgeous little eye catchers to the passer by. 

I will let you know if they make a difference next market day. I know myself, I love little eye catchers when I'm looking at things to buy and presentation.....I'm all for that.  🍒🍒
So now beautiful people......I shut down for the night and prepare our dinner. I build my strength for the new week and hope it is a good one. I wish you all a sweet night and beautiful dreams.

Ciao, Anita.


Verbena said...

Buon Anniversario e tanti Auguri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

Kim said...

I do believe I have never seen knitted hot cross buns fabulous! As always, oodles of pretty makes fashioned by your clever hands. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Anita. I hope you have enjoyed a beautiful day.

busybusybeejay said...

Happy Anniversary.

Julie said...

You have done a wonderful job of the hot cross buns Anita ... what an unusual request that was. I am wondering if they are going to display them in a basket? Happy Anniversary to you both Anita.

JoJo said...

Happy anniversary!!!! Love all the crafts as usual. Great score on the planter.

Karen S said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. A very special achievement.
Looks like you have a great FB set up with bu and sell when you land bargains like that.
Well done getting so organised with your market items. They do look so good and I agree with you about presentation. Worth it if it catches the eye!
I was wondering if you were finally getting cooler days. We have dropped under 20 today so almost ready for the heater! Can't believe I said that.
By the way, the hot cross buns look gorgeous.

Mereknits said...

Happy Anniversary Anita. That is an amazing number and I wish you both the very best.


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