Sunday, January 13, 2019

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths. πŸ’
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Good morning and Buon giorno beautiful people πŸ’— I am crossing my fingers for a cooler day than we had yesterday😝...a mighty hot 41C!!πŸ’₯ We are in our summer time after all, so I spent a fair bit of time out in the pool. We may only have a clapped out old above ground pool but it does the job of keeping us cool. lol

The hot weather has not stopped my creative streak though and I've had big heaps fun making some new little animal and girl pillows this week. I am still making some of these but I haven't finished the others so I will keep them for next time. I'm hoping these will be popular at the summer markets and even an on going idea through the winter months. These pillows have been made using cotton fabrics but using the warmer fabrics will be just as nice for the winter.

What does one do with small balls of yarn? We make stripy woolly hats and add a cute flower to it. The flower pattern is actually a new pattern that I have only just found, so I thought I'd give it a try. It is a nice sized flower for making it the focal point on the project. It is roughly 3 inches across.

 One of the things I love to make are little girl's bags. I love that you can use bits of fabrics to make stripes of colour and every bag is unique because there is really no strict order. There is a satisfaction in being able to use everything you have leftover and not just throw the bits out. I am like this with most things, many of this have that same feeling and it is something I remember my Mother always doing too.
A little while back I showed you 2 big bags of filling that someone gave me. The bags were so big that I gave one bag to Heather the feather, I've made 2 European pillows, stuffed some cushions and still have heaps left. I thought I would save some money and make new cushions for the kitchen (cucina) chairs. 

This took a small amount of time to make a template and then make the inserts, then came the hold up of finding some red fabric in my sewing shed. I almost threw all my toys out of my pram and had a sook 😭😭 because I couldn't not find any. I decided to go and do some ironing instead of howling like a spoiled child. I opened up the lid to the ironing basket and you won't believe it....3 metres of red fabric sitting there. lol
So below is a photo of my new red cucina cushions. 😁🍎🍎
How the world is a funny place....with some strange people in it. lol I stopped my crying when I found that fabric. Talking about ironing is that time of morning and I have to start mine before it gets hot today. 
I wish you all a beautiful day and hope you all get to do some lovely things that make you happy.

A beautiful day to everyone! 🌻
Una bellissima giornata per tutti 🌻



Kim said...

Surely you are not ironing in that weather. It is a lovely 28 degrees here today with a gentle breeze.....sorry. =) I can see you are still creating a beautiful fabric and woolly storm over there. Those pillows are sweet as are the little girl bags. Isn't it wonderful to use up all your scraps and come up with something beautiful without spending oodles of money. Cute hat too. I trust you are enjoying your looks as if you are maxing out in the fun department!

Verbena said...

Buona domenica, da noi ci sono 3 gradi, vorrei mandarti un po' di frescura. Ciao

Mereknits said...

Wishing you a beautiful day and a beautiful week Anita.

webbsway said...

The flowers always glam up those cute little caps. Love the little bags - you are right about using all the different pieces to class them up. They are excellent.
What a treat that was finding the red fabric - isn't that so funny how that works!!!!!!!!!!
You are such a classy, talented lady. Did Miss Heather the Feather do anything with her stuffing yet?

JoJo said...

I only own an iron for craft purposes.

Karen S said...

Well done keeping on with your stitching in such hot conditions. It does make it difficult.
Love all of it - hats, pillows and bags.
And great work on the chair cushions. Thanks for the laugh about the red fabric.


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