Sunday, October 28, 2018

A little thought and a little kindness is often worth more
than a great deal of money.

Well hello there! Was I good this week?.....nope....not a chance 😂😂. Teased everyone I came into contact with, pulled funny faces, told all the kids that my hair is Ash Blonde not grey, hid things off people and was generally naughty all week long. How I spread the love 💌💌. 

In amongst all that bedlam I also had fun making a few things and they were what kept me on the right path and 'sane'. I'm not sure if you beautiful people do this but while I am in between projects I will randomly start working on things until I have chosen my next serious project. I do this so I don't drive everyone mad at home because I don't have something to occupy my time. The worst is always if I finish a project at 9 o'clock at night!!! I start stalking the place looking for my next project.

Below I have started crocheting little squares in 4 ply yarn. I selected a lovely blue and a border of white. I am not sure what this will turn into but I will keep going until I run out of the colour. I will find something to make it into.
 This week while visiting some of my favourite blogs I came across a cool game going on at one of the sites. At Marianna's blog she is playing this groovy game where she will give you instructions on a mystery pattern and you have to make it. You do not know what you are making until you get towards to end of it. I loved the idea and decided to join in. 

The little baby beanie is the mystery pattern and this is mine that I made. I have been visiting this blog for years. There are many patterns there that Marianna shares for free. Here is her link, just click here.
 During the week I had a quick sale for a baby hat and bootee set crocheted in cotton yarn. This kept me busy for a while because I didn't have one made in cotton yarn and it was in urgent need. I did like crocheting in cotton, it is a nice texture.
I can tell where my son gets his craziness from.....his Mother.These are a pair of his favourite slippers. I just had to show you them. They are very nice actually and I can see myself wearing them to work. 😋
I have to admit that lately the garden has taken over priority of almost everything else. I have joined a cool Face book page called "Italy! MammaMia! Group" and people have posted photos of Italian gardens. There were photos of pelagonias and geraniums and all sorts of beautiful ideas. 

This week a gorgeous friend of mine gave me an assortment of cuttings and I have spread them throughout my yard. I want colour without cost. The geranium cuttings give me both of those things.

Oh's the brat.

My lovely Heather the feather also gave me a heap of pots for my garden. They're all my favourite terracotta  styled pots too! I thanked Heather very much and I was nice to her for a change! Heather also gave me some geranium cuttings too. Thanks precious girl!
 I love how my garden is transforming into tranquility. It's a place where I think of my life, my friends and is nourishment for my soul.
 A box of cuttings from beautiful Chris. All the cuttings are in the ground now, spread out all around my yard.
 I wish you all a Good Sunday and may the week ahead be a good one for you.

Ciao lovely people!


Kim said...

I always love to visit your place filled with oodles of woolly pretties, pretty flowers and of course your big pup! Those terracotta pots look perfect in your 'Italian' garden. I must say those slippers are the best fun; they made me smile. Have a beautiful week, oh ash blonde one. =)

creations.1 said...

Just lovely all around your house!! Ash Blonde wouldn't cut it for me - white - that is the word - although I am feeling a purple or p[ink or blue or green coming on!!

JoJo said...

I love your garden! Sadly I have a black thumb.

Julie said...

Your garden is looking lovely Anita & I love your brick paths. Your sons slippers did make me laugh ... yes it appears, he has his Mothers sense of humour! Love all your new creations this week.

Karen S said...

Lovely to see your garden doing so well.
The hat and bootee set is lovely. I must admit that I also enjoy using cotton to crochet. Lovely feel to it.
The little blue and white squares look good. If you had a lot of each colour your could make some in reverse - white in the middle, blue on the edge - the alternate them in a check pattern.
Just a thought. Have a great week.


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