Sunday, February 12, 2017

Friends are one of the nicest things to have and one of the nicest things to be.
Hello everyone, how lovely that you have joined me today. I hope I have found you in good health and that you have had a wonderful week. I’ve had a fantastic week, full of excitement at going back to work, wishing my darling friend John a Happy Birthday and incredibly fun creations in the hand making area. My week was topped off with a visit from my third son, whom I love to pieces. It was so good to see you Corey. xx
We Australians are pretty casual so please excuse the hairy one with no shirt on.
Hanging around the kitchen, the room full of laughs, love and fun.
I have been busy crocheting more beanies for my collection and with each of these I have made a pair of booties to match. They are all made from a basic beanie pattern, using different colours.
As I finish any project I try to use up any leftover bits of yarns. I am glad to have found this little crocheted flower pattern because I certainly have put the leftover yarns to good use.
Usually I am busy stirring up Heather the feather any chance I get, and rightly so. But today I will share with you some of the marvellous things she makes. This little darling of a lady makes these lovely baby clutch balls, and they sell like hot cakes!
How about these felt aliens? Aren't they cute! Heather has added all sorts of bits to them and they look really fun.
In Australia right now, on my side of the country....we are having heavy rains and flooding. Over the east side, they are having incredible hot hot weather. After non stop rain for days and days...this is the bridge close to our home. Most of the time, especially through our warm months, there is no water at all in river. The picture below shows you how close Taylor Street bridge is to breaking the banks.
Our Mortlock river is flowing so fast, that even hearing the roar of the flowing water at the night time was rather strange. I was but a small girl the last time I remember a flooding of this size, so it has been a rather long time since flooding on this scale.

Old River Mortlock...
You have been with me all my life. As a child you gave me a place to play; to extend my imagination; spend time with friends and a place to sort my thoughts out. In recent years I have ignored you; told you that you smell; been disappointed in you and just driven straight passed you without a glance.

Today I want to thank you.....for holding your sides strong enough to keep the water from flooding us and keeping us safe. I now have been reminded to appreciate you; to remember all those fantastic things you gave me as a child and to be thankful in general.
Our home is situated close to two bridges, with the same Mortlock river winding its way under them both. This is the Mortlock bridge....a bit too close for comfort don't you think? lol
A good Sunday to you all and during the week I am going to try to play catch up with all that has fallen by the way side since Mother Nature unleashed her weather on us. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the beautiful week ahead.
Ciao, Anita. xx


JoJo said...

The weather's gone crazy all over. My friend Amanda lives in Eastern Aus and is melting in the nonstop heat. Hope you don't float away on your side. I love the beanies and the flowers and Heather's clutch balls!!!!

Julie said...

Some lovely new creations this week I see Anita from both you & heather. I am busy peering at that rather gorgeous butchers block in your kitchen photo too !!! I hope the river bank holds out okay & you get some relief from all the flooding in your area.

Maria said...

How nice to have Corey home ๐Ÿก.. looks like a fun time together..
Lovely beanies and flowers for your stall. Heather is a very clever lady too, love those clutch balls and her aliens ๐Ÿ‘ฝ....

I am sew pleased you have keep your story ...stay safe my friend ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Karen S said...

Lovely to see your post and to know that all is well with you and the river. After the news reports I was wondering. At least the garden will be happy.
I hope there is not too much cleaning up to do.
Love the little beanies and I do adore the crocheted flowers. And thanks for sharing Heather's crafts as well.
Have a lovely week.

Verbena C. said...

Corey รจ un bel ragazzo, complimenti!
Buona settimana.

creations.1 said...

Lovely crafts you have shown us. Lovely family photos also - he is an aussie as you said! Yes the weather is all over the [place at the moment - we have had a week of 40 - 47 (official readings) which are in reality about 3 degrees higher; north of the state has had a lot higher temps and now huge bushfires with more property loss. Your river is a treasure hoilding it's water within it's banks - good to know all is well with you.

webbsway said...

Wow , that is one good looking son you have there!!!!!!!!!! Love your sweet hubby's smile! I think they are both keepers. lol Heather's Aliens are so darn cute! I adore your beanies - they are so pretty as are the flowers. Do you ever add any of the flowers to your beanies?

Your river is scary looking. I pray it stays in it's banks. Golly , Jeepers - we had a wicked rain here this afternoon but tonight the Wind is TERRIBLE . They say we are having 60mph winds. I never remember winds this bad when I was younger and they is a load of clothes on the clothes line that has me worried? Caught me off guard????

I thought Maria had mentioned having some flooding her way too?

Mereknits said...

You have such a fun family Anita. Those photos of the river are a bit scary. Hope you stay dry.

Jane Galley said...

hope you have a good week and you all stay safe and dry

tesselleelle said...

Ciao Anita! che bella e simpatica la tua famiglia..complimenti per il tuo terzogenito Corey, bellissimo ragazzo.
Hai proprio utilizzato bene ogni filo di lana, bei fiori, bei cappelli e bei colori...foto molto suggestive, spero tanto che il vecchio fiume faccia il bravo e non crei inondazioni.
Complimenti anche ad Heather bellissimi davvero i suoi lavori... quelle palle sono troppo originali e pure gli alieni.Ti abbraccio forte Anita cara, un saluto anche ai tuoi e ad Eather,
con affetto,


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