Sunday, September 20, 2015

What a great day!

All you have to do
is ask.
-Randy Pausch
I’m getting pretty excited now about the holidays being just days away!!! Another 3 and a half working days and it’s holiday time for me. Over the holidays my plans are:
Weeding the garden

Sewing summer items for the markets
Washing all the curtains
Cleaning out the chook house
Catching up with friends

Sounds like great fun to me! 

I have two stories to tell today.....a funny story (with evidence) and a sad story. The first story is that I went into the craft shop yesterday to buy circular needles and while I was at the counter with the shop owner, a lady I know came rushing out from the back of the shop and told me to “stay right there, I’ll be back”

When Elizabeth came back she was wielding a strange looking object and a big bag of wool!! Lol
The strange looking object turns out to be a hand held spinning top/wheel. I am yet to look up and find out all about it.

The second half to this story......with evidence is.....
Here is Miss Muffet (Heather the feather) straight into the bag of wool to investigate. I mean.......really!!!! I didn’t go near her, I was too scared. 

If there is a ball of wool that has a tangle in it, Heather just has to get that knot out of it and roll it up properly!!! Apparently my sources tell me she can’t even leave a tangled up fishing net on the beach alone. lol

I mean.....I bet that was when her kids were really small and they had to stay on the beach all night, freezing cold and starving until Heather untangled that fishing net. 

Image result for clip art flower

Now for the sad story. I went down the back yard on Thursday to feed the chooks and something caught my eye.....poor old Chester has been in a rooster fight and was beat up pretty bad. I'll just let you know that the next two photo's are the recovery photo's, I wouldn't share the bad ones.

 I found the younger rooster a new home within the hour and bathed as much blood off Chester as I could. I read on the internet that saline water is good for getting out maggots and it worked. Farmer Paul gave me some stuff to keep flies away and that worked too.

 The good news is Chester is recovering nicely.

 The next 4 photos are from the show. A lovely table runner in cathedral patchwork.....

 A cute mini wall hanging.

 A gorgeous old milk jug.

 I just loved this flower made of tin that was an entry at the show. Pretty groovy hey?

And what am I knitting now? Well I’ve decided that it is about time I knitted myself something this year. I had started a black cardi for myself but that is still tucked away. This cute little top is a summer top done in a lace pattern. The yarn has been sent all the way from Italy. .

The yarn reminds me of the nylon ribbon we get here, but it is very very soft and only about 4mm wide.

I’m hearing that washing machine calling out to me now, so I’d better get cracking with the washing.  It looks like a reasonable day outside, so maybe I’ll get to attack some weeds already.

You gals all enjoy your lovely weekend and be happy.

Cheers, Anita.
viva italia


JoJo said...

Poor Chester. :'( I'm glad that he's doing better now though. Your vacation plans sound great! I hope you enjoy every minute!!

Kim said...

Isn't Heather a wonderful person to have around. I can't imagine sitting there for long periods of time untangling wool. Poor Chester.....hope he is better soon....roosters, always strutting their stuff! I love the colour of the wool for your new Summer top; it is so pretty. As ever your lists exhaust me. Is two weeks enough time to accomplish all those things on your list?? Though if anyone will conquer, you will and most probably more! Have a great holiday, Anita!

Jane Galley said...

Hope Chester recovers fully soon, I use salt water for everything :) Have fun with the spinning, if you get to try it

Maria said...

Sometimes I need Heather the Feather here to get knots out of my thread when I am stitching.

Pleased Chester is on the mend.. Poor boy...

Love the tin flower too.

Julie said...

That was funny that you managed to catch Heather with your camera there Anita. I am busy peering at the screen thinking how wonderful your kitchen/dining space looks & what cute little things you have in there :-) Do hope Chester recovers well, poor wee fellow.

Gillian said...

Love your lacy knitting and the colour is so nice. We had a similar experience with two roosters. It's not nice!

Mereknits said...

Poor Poor Chester, I hope he continues to recover nicely. Love your knitting.

Karen S said...

Roll on holidays!! I am sure you have lots planned.
How fun to get all the wool and then have Heather get into it and roll it all up. Love it.
So glad to see your rooster making a good recovery.
And I am delighted to see you are making something for yourself!! It looks lovely.


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