Sunday, April 12, 2015

Friends are the
sunshine of life.
-John Hay.
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Hey groovy cats, how are you? I’ve had a week of finishes, creations and success! As you could’ve guessed by now I’m not that great when it comes to having to sew buttons on garments that I’ve made....not my most favourite thing in the world. Lol Success!

Finally the buttons are on the 2 pillow covers, packed up with blankets and dropped off! Finish!
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I had oodles of fun with this little creation......
Having so many little bits of yarn left over from previous projects and unable to just throw them out, I decided to make some little tiny crocheted bags, then I made the cute little doll......she had to have a blanket as well.There is no pattern for any of this, (except for the flowers) I just played as I went.
I have already sold one of these little parcels, they’re so cute.
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This is just a cute little blanket that is only about 4in x 5in, but will have a doll or something added to it. Anyone got any ideas that I could use? I'd love to hear from you.
These funny little things are bed socks. I have posted them before but have started making them again in time for market day. I’ve already sold a pair and they look cute on and fit well.
Sook sook has finally jumped in the pull-along-trolley....all by himself. Well done Milo.
I’m waiting hard for Heather to return from her holiday so I can pick on her!! Lol. No, really....I miss her cheek company. I wish you all a fantastic week and may peace be with you.

Cheers, Anita.      Image result for small clip art love hearts


Jane Galley said...

you have been busy, love the blankets and pillow cases

Karen S said...

Well done getting the buttons all done!!
And the little dolls and blankets and bags are good fun!
And well done Milo!
A very productive week all round!

JoJo said...

Those little dolls are just the cutest things ever. You got a lot of work done!

Sandra :) said...

You have been busy, Anita - I love those little dolly sets! A little kitty or puppy (if you had a simple pattern for one?) would be cute too :) Or maybe a multi-coloured caterpillar? :D

I certainly do appreciate that the dollies in the crocheted bags, are redheads ;)

Maria said...

Nice finishes with the blanket sets my friend....
How cute are those dolly sets. Great bed socks.
And how clever are you Milo!!

Mereknits said...

Great projects Anita.

Gillian said...

You have been very busy - maybe because Heather's not around? Love that wee blanket.

Julie said...

Hi Anita - you sure have been creating up a storm again. All your creations are just beautiful, those little dolls in their bags are verrry cute. Milo sure has grown up heaps too.


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