Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sweet week

A lifetime driven by passion
Is far more fulfilling
than a lifetime driven by money.
David B. Cox
I’ve just had one of the best week’s ever!! It was like having that cup of tea that tasted extra special and you want it to last forever! Lol
1 Slid in an extra cup of tea with Heather
2 Picked up an extra day’s work
3 Finished the bed socks order for a customer
4 Sold stuff at the markets
5 Was given a trailer load of old bricks
6 Slept well
7 Found out a friend of mine is moving back to town
8 Found a nice home for our young rooster
9 Had lovely friends over last night
10 Picked up more knitting orders

Pretty happy with all that!
Image result for clipart owls
Sitting at the markets yesterday just isn’t right if I’m not knitting as well as socialising, so I whipped up this little cutie.

Pretty in blue
While hubby was at a job the other day he was asked if he’d like some bricks.....yes please! To some it may look like a trailer full of old stuff,

but to me.......
Image result for clipart house

Image result for clipart flower decorationsIt feels like home.
A great find at the local library....Full of wonderful crochet patterns to keep me entertained for ages.
We were entertained  last night by Milo, as we sat in the backyard and watched as he chewed his leash into millions of pieces. Oh boy....just as well hubby is a clever guy and made a new leash this morning. He did a super job too. Thanks for your company last night Chris and Neville and thanks for giving Mr Rooster a new home,. You guys are sweet as.

I best be off now as I have Heather the feather coming over to get me into strife. Lol. Actually, the sweet heart is coming to drop off some yarn I asked her to purchase for me. See, I’m still having the best week. That’s what happens when you surround yourself with people you want to be around. It’s great.
Have a super week gals.
Cheers, Anita.


Julie said...

Sounds like a pretty great week to me Anita. So glad you picked up more orders & sold stuff at the markets. Your new hat is very cute. And as for those bricks ... I definately would've said YES to those too. They are worth a small fortune over here now. Hope this coming week is great for you too :-)

Jane Galley said...

So glad you've had a good week. Those bricks have such a warm, comforting look about them. I love reclaimed bricks

JoJo said...

Great score on the bricks. Those will come in handy for the garden for sure! Glad you had such an awesome week!!! Ours was snowy and somewhat stressful but we got some important but nagging things out of the way.

Judy said...

That sounds like a great week indeed! Congrats on the free bricks, they will make a great addition to your yard/garden.

Mereknits said...

What a great week!

Dolores said...

What a great looking book. Have fun creating.

Dolores said...

I forgot to ask - what size is your hat? Baby, child or adult?

Fiona said...

I love how you have listed all the good things.....

Karen S said...

Wow, it does look like you have had a wonderful week. Sometimes things can go right! Looks like the market has been good to you again and more knitting orders is wonderful!
And of course you can never beat time with friends for a great time.
And as simple as it sounds - a good night's sleep can make the world of difference!How the next week is just as good!

Gillian said...

Glad you've had a good week and especially that the rooster has a new home.


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