Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's getting close now!!

And the song, from beginning to end,

I found in the heart of a friend.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When I think of December, I think of the holidays that are almost upon us, catching up with friends, the lazy balmy nights, the swimming pool and chatting with my hubby and boys, no time sounds nice and relaxing to me. As the Christmas season is approaching rapidly, I have put my handmade gifts aside, wrapped ready to go to the ones I love. Christmas is such a busy time that sometimes we get lost in the chaos and forget to enjoy the occasion. This year I am enjoying the slower pace and have surprised myself with how together I have managed to be!! Lol.
 Come and I’ll show you what I’ve been up to.........

Last week I made a yoyo wreath, this week I made a styro wreath and what fun I had.......I purchased the coloured balls and hot glued them to a ply wood ring that I had in my sewing shed. Grabbed some ribbon and threaded it through the two holes drilled at the top.
                   A little wire ribbon angel......

I am going to add a gold button to the front of her, and 

perhaps some eyes?? 

Cute hey?
Want the pattern? Click here.
Though we are really warming up weather wise, I love the 

idea of knitted mitts on the Christmas tree......

Click here for the free pattern.

Oh and now, just off the track a’s me all 

over....I dabbled with a bit more crocheting. I found this on 

gorgeous Pinterest and couldn’t help but love the 

popcorn stitch.

A cute throw in the making.

Click here for the pattern.

As Heather the feather doesn't have the internet, it is safe

 to show you the shoe bag I have made for her as a gift. 

I'm just loving myself silly here. This is such an 

appropriate gift for Imelda Marcos Heather. Just need to

 add the draw string and some beads.

Out the backyard I managed to grab one of the chicks

from this year’s hatching. Man, she’s gotta do something 

about those hairy legs!!!

......and there’s Chester, just looking back at me to make

sure I’ve kept my distance. He’s sweet though, he walks

away really fast when I come towards him...he’s still in 

charge!!! Lol

Discovered this glorious white carnation flowering in the front yard. Too lovely.

How is your weekend going gals? Hope you’re having the 

best time. I’ll chat again soon.

Cheers, Anita.


JoJo said...

Hot glue and I do not get along at all. And I've had styrofoam melt on me. I strung balls on a wire hanger and it came out great for a wreath. While you are looking forward to warm, balmy days, we are hoping for a more mild Dec. with no snow or ice cold like last year.

Narelle said...

So enjoyed reading your post and well done on being so organised and ready to enjoy the season :)
Thanks for sharing the free patterns too.
Finally my weekend is getting a little wet!

Maria said...

love those wee mittens and as usual you have kept busy..

hmm maybe a wax for mumma chook lol and chester is gorgeous....

Jane Galley said...

Love the look of your new throw

Karen S said...

Sounds like a very relaxed and new you!!
Lots of fun happening with all your Christmas goodies.
I think the knitted mittens will look lovely on the tree and the shoe bag for Heather is a wonderful idea.
Just make sure you keep those chooks in line!!

Mereknits said...

My week is not near as lovely as yours, you are so prepared.


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