Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wonderful friends

The road to a friend’s house
Is never long
-Dutch proverb
Hello, I realised something this morning.....throughout this last week, I visited almost all the people that I hold very close to my heart. When you think about it,  that doesn’t happen very often. I missed out on a couple of people and will catch up with them very soon. The sharing of holiday photo’s with two of my dear friends was amazing and because the photo’s were of Italy.....that stirred up the wonderful memories of our trip. It was lovely to visit with you my dear friends. 

A gift given to me....I will treasure it!

I was on a mission these holidays to make as many show entries as I could and my time was well spent. I will have to show and tell after the show as I would like to keep my items under wrap (secret squirrel) lol. I can show you this......

A baby jacket, 291 stitches cast on, knitting in 2 ply merino wool. Very delicate and very enjoyable to knit. It’s a bit like knitting with spider web...just love it.’
I also had some gardening to catch up with, so this is the section of garden that copped a pruning. The rose bushes have been cut right back and a mile of weeding was done. We had a huge red bin dropped off during the week so I made sure to fill it as much as I could.

Beautiful homemade biscuits from ratbag Heather the feather. These are the yummiest biscuits ever!!!! Heather is a wonderful friend....even though she gets out of control sometimes. Lol

A lovely Homespun magazine to browse through!!

Well tomorrow it's back to work for me. Had a wonderful holiday, though it went way too quick, it will be great to catch up with the tribe at work. Hope your weekend is a hum dinger  one for you!!!!

Cheers, Anita.


Farm Gate Creations said...

Now that is beautiful knitting...good on you for getting stuck into the garden and how nice is it to catch up with friends.

Karen said...

It does sound like you have had a lovely break. I admire your skill and patience when knitting with 2 ply. I struggle with 5. It is looking beautiful.
Great to see everything growing so well in the garden. Those recent rains will have been a big help.
MMMM.... biscuits!
Have a great start to the new term.

Jane Galley said...

LOve that pattern. I have been given some really fine wool, so need to go through my older patterns to see if i have anything appropriate. Glad you've enjoyed the holidays

Fiona said...

sounds like you made the most of your holidays.....

JoJo said...

Looks like you are enjoying yoru winter!

Julie said...

So glad you had a great holiday break Anita - looks like you have been busy with that sneaky peek of gorgeous knitting there too. I have been rose pruning also - its great time for it according to the moon calendar. Your friends biccies & your Homespun mag look so inviting. Have a great week :-)

Kim said...

Your baby jacket is quite gorgeous. I take my hat off to you knitting with 2 ply!! Holidays have ended down here at the bottom of the world too....back to the grind!! Your garden is looking lovely....all ready for the onset of Spring!!

Michelle said...

While I couldn't see the photos, damn kids have used all the internet, it sounds like you kept yourself out of trouble for your holidays and had a great time, I look forward to seeing the photos in a couple of days when my internet resets!


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