Saturday, February 8, 2014

Go back a little,
to leap further.
John Clarke
My! Where did that week go? Did I blink? Lol,  well I guess it really did happen just at a fast pace. I suppose when you’re having so much fun, time flies. My week was full of laughter, giggling, teasing and hard work .
I will show you what I have been up to this week....I made some little hanging pouches that have been filled with Bicarb of soda. Some are hanging in the go kart trailer to take away the strong fuel odour and guess what? It works. 

Hubby had done a net surf and found this idea, so we tried it. I added about ¾ cup of bicarb to a small pouch 2 in x 5 in long and made a strap to hang it.

Here are a few more
I had a bit of a knitting session. I thought I would make a start on a potato scallop scarf for winter. I might make a few of them up to sell, see how I feel after I’ve made this one.

I went to the local library and found this wonderful book on yoga......hoping to tone up the old stomach. Maybe I can get myself one stomach instead of having 4!!! lol

Watched a wonderful movie last night called  ‘The blind side’, truly a fantastic movie. Watch it you won’t be disappointed. It’s about a young homeless lad who is taken in by a family and is given the chance to play American football.  Actually it’s the real story of Michael Oher.

One of our friends gave us these super sized zucchini .

Love the colours!!!!
I made some of these cute little birds out of the new book in my library. The kids are going to have a great time making things from this book.....if they can get it off me!!! Lol

I have made the beaks a little different to the instructions in the book. I stitched the beaks instead of making felt ones. Temptation might see some of the kids pulling the beak off.....coz they can!!  Good luck trying to get these off.

I have been looking through some of the photo’s of the boys when they were small and just going back to their baby photo’s makes my heart want to burst with pride. Where have the years gone and why did they have to go so fast? It was fun taking the boys to the zoo, museums, parks, any of the kids places you can go, teaching them things, the laughs, all those wonderful things we get to do as parents. We always had another little chap with us through those years and I see his photo’s too. How much they have grown my three sons. How well they have done and how proud we are of all
I’m about to step out into my sewing shed to create some more magnificent and fun creations and possibly keep out of mischief (doubt that!). Wherever you all are, have a fantastic weekend, stay happy and drink lots of tea!!!!
Cheers, Anita.


Venice, Doges Palace, courtyard.


creations.1 said...

I have used bi-carb for removing odours in fridges but not for removing petrol fumes!! I just love that movie but then anything Sandra Bullock does is worthwhile watching!!

Maria said...

Will give the bi carb a try for the toilet..LOL.....
You did have a full on fun week.. Nice birds and good luck with the yoga....
Yes that was a great movie. Was on tele the other night...

Karen said...

I am the same in that I only heard of using bi-carb in the fridge. Definitely worth trying.
Gorgeous little chooks! And the scarf looks interesting.
I'd love a flat tummy - any to spare?
Sorry, don't know how to stop children growing so quickly!

Val Spiers said...

You sound busy. I like the scarf. I have seen that movie too. It was really well done. Good luck with the yoga.

JoJo said...

Is bicarb soda the same as baking soda? We use baking soda in the fridge to remove odours. My husband is a trucker....maybe I should fill a pillow case with the stuff for his truck. That thing stinks so bad! lol He lives in it all week and never feels like cleaning it out so it gets really ripe, especially in summer. lol

Fiona said...

so busy busy..... I have used bicarb for smells for ages but I do like the idea oflittle bags... so much prettier than an old plastic plate!!
I enjoyed that movie... made me cry...

Jane Galley said...

What a brilliant idea, think I'll have to make some of those too. It's brilliant stuff. I use it with vinegar to clean plugs holes etc

Michelle said...

I love that movie too, love your little chickies. I know what you mean about the kids they will try picking at something just to see what happens! Lol

Narelle said...

The week may have went fast but you've achieved lots ... well done!
Great movie.


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