Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's hot, hot, hot.

Peace does not mean to be
In a place where there is no
Noise, trouble or hard work,
Peace means to be
In the midst of all those things
And still be calm in your heart.
That is the real meaning of Peace.


Hello to you all on this sweltering morning! The weather man told us yesterday that we would be in for 46C today and he wasn’t kidding!! Lol At 8am I checked the gauge and yep, it is already 41C. The garden has been watered, along with the tree branches for the birds, chooks let out for an early morning scratch, before it gets too hot, washing brought in and folded and now we stay inside as much as possible.

I took some pics of some bird life hanging around our yard this morning, the poor things are in for a hot day.
The little mudlarks appear similar to our magpies but are smaller in size.
I had to click the camera quickly to catch this shot of a honey bird checking out the flowers, as they are very fast.
 Hoping my shade house survives the heat today!!
This week I found a fantastic crochet book at the local library and found inspiration from one of the patterns.
This is what I’m making right now. It will be a cushion cover, crocheted in 8 ply yarns.
The best thing about this project is using up those really small lengths of yarn, the ones that aren’t big enough for a whole granny square but can be used for smaller sections of one.

A doll in the making,
 I still have to make her face and add clothing. She will probably come to the library with me.

As hot as it is I can’t help but get cracking on stitching up these crocheted squares that a work mate gave me.
All the squares are done differently, and in different colours, but it will be a mighty fine blanket when it’s finished.

Some of my favourite things.....

This is one of my favourite miniature teapots, I just love it.

And a dear little wall hanging made out of ceramics from Heather the feather.

And of course.....
Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum, Italy.
It was lovely sharing some time with you and hope you had a nice time visiting my blog this morning. I need to buzz off now and decide if I’m going to bother my husband (a wonderful pastime for me and richly rewarding, in my eyes!!), or will I start plodding around doing bits of housework? I think I’ve decided already. Lol Fun a fantastic Sunday, stay happy and safe.

Cheers, Anita.


Anthea said...

I wish my local library had such interesting crafty books - or indeed any crafting book that was less than 20 years old! Stay cool - no housework! x

Sandra :) said...

Oh my - I don't think we've ever gotten as high as 46C - you definitely need to stay inside today and stay cool - I hope the critters all take it easy as well!

I don't know of many husbands who would complain about being bothered by their wives - mine wouldn't, LOL! I say ... bother away! :D

Patricia Lewis said...

Wow thats hot... to day in the North of Tas it is 30.. so thats hot enough for this little island :))

Hope your plants are ok.. they seem to be the ones that suffer alot in this heat..

Hoping you are keeping cool :))
hugs pat in tas :))

Maria said...

Yes we had a nice warm day like that yesterday but thankfully it is much cooler today, only 36 under the patio..
you have done all the chores sew stay inside and keep cool.. Enjoy sewing the blanket together. blocks look great.

Charlie and Wendy said...

I cannot imagine such a high temperature, we feel it's hot when it gets in the high 20's!! Hope you can keep warm inside. Lovely crafting as usual :)

O'faigh said...

Hello Anita, we are in for some extreme heat this week...loathe it...I enjoyed seeing your work..Warm Regards, O'faigh

JoJo said...

We had a hot summer last year too and I hated it. It's the humidity that I cannot deal with. Is it humid there too? Meanwhile we've been dealing with bone chilling cold in North America.

Fiona said...

wow Anita that is hot.... take care and I hope you are nowhere near those fires I heard about on the news this morning... what a shame...

Karen said...

Hot, hot and more hot!! You sure do get the extreme heat.
We are in for 40s this week but we know we will go back to 20s the week after.
Good luck.
Another great book from your lovely library. They are gorgeous granny squares.
Stay cool!

Jane Galley said...

Hope you had a good day, I love the look of your cushion

katherine said...

Looks like a great book and love the crochet projects and your doll. We've had the last two days sitting at 46 and 48 respectively. Haven't been out today to check yet but recon it is much cooler at 43 lol. Had enough of the heat to last two summers now lol.


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