Sunday, December 8, 2013

What have I been up to?

Pursue some which you

Can walk with love and reverence.

-Henry David Thoreau

Tick, tick, tick....I just know that Christmas is almost upon us!! Lol The gift list is almost done and today I need to get the Christmas tree up. I seem to need a kick start every year to do that job and I don’t know why, because it looks pretty cool when it’s done.

I’ve had a fantastic week and I’m pretty excited to finish a project I’ve just started on. I was watching Animal Planet the other night and an add I’ve watched a million times suddenly gave me a wonderful idea. You see some kittens playing near a crocheted blanket that has Animal Planet on it with felt letters. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be fun if those words said ‘Welcome to our awesome library’!! It would be a great addition for next year. I could hang it as a banner. Well I think it sounds pretty exciting! Lol.
This is the start of my project....some crocheted squares.


I sat at our boulevard yesterday selling raffle tickets and decided to sell some of my beaded dolls and Santa’s and decorations. I decided to clip the brooches to a knitted bag and thought it made a cute and safe display of them.

I showed you in a previous post, the little bag I started to crochet for a niece. Here it is all finished and lined with a lovely floral fabric inside.

Here is the cute little doll I am going to pop inside the bag. Thanks to Karen for putting the idea into my head about the crocheted bag. Today I will be making a blanket to wrap the doll up with. Out to the sewing shed I go.

How cute is she? 

All snug and warm

I was given these cute little chicks...heaps of them. Now what to do?

Max is such a show off.

A favourite mini wall hanging of mine.

Gorgeous flowers popping out in the garden.

A couple of very interesting books I found at the local library. Loved the artist’s house's book, some beautiful gardens and homes on display.

Today I’m blog visiting and hoping to get some more inspiration from you very clever people out there. Have a super fab day today and stay happy.

Cheers, Anita.
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Jane Galley said...

That bag and dolly is so sweet, can't wait to see the little blanket to go with it

Narelle said...

You certainly have been busy!
Love the little dolly and cute :)
How's the Christmas Tree going?

Karen said...

I love the idea of the welcome blanket for your library. I think that is a wonderful idea.
Have you been having some success with the sale of your beaded dolls? I know they have been on sale at a couple of places.
I really like the way your gorgeous little bag has turned out and the the little doll is the perfect way to finish it off. Your niece will love it!
You have obviously been keeping busy with many projects and activities. Good luck in the run up to Christmas.

Josie said...

Anita... you are a powerhouse! Don't know how you get everything done. I needed a kick in the pants to put our little Christmas tree up today but now that I have... I love it! :o) Gorgeous little doll and bag your niece is going to be over the moon with it.

Fiona said...

lots of great craft work going on there Anita...

Val Spiers said...

The bag and dolly are such a perfect gift. You sound like you have lots going on in your head. Love the crochet welcome idea for your library.


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