Sunday, October 6, 2013

Busy week

To be
or not to be?
Hello to you all on this very  over cast Sunday. I’m  enjoying two weeks holiday and it has become very apparent that if I have time on my hands...I get into mischief. I’m really trying to decide whether to be good or not, and the ‘or not’ is winning!! I had made a start on some beaded dolls and had a spare girl left over. I have decided that seeing as John the Principal is off all next term that his lovely wife Jane would need a survival box.........
It is filled with the beaded doll whose dress says ‘No bullying zone’.....that’s in case he does any general nagging......
No Bullying zone!!
chocolates to give her strength and some ear plugs (I don’t really have to explain those).
I have also been a good gal too. In my last post I shared a website you could visit to make lovely Italian food. We thought we would try the pizza....lovely tasting crust....
Turned out nice!!
We added some pepperoni and it tastes divine!!!! The recipe is made for a large tray but we halved the dough and made 2 pizza’s.
Since most of my life I have been a sloth, never doing any exercise, I have changed my ways and  started  going to the gym. We have a treadmill that I’m using now and decided to make a hanging bag to put my water bottle, remote for the stereo and my mobile phone in.
Very cute
I have been asked to join our local artists in making gifts for the tourist centre, and I’m absolutely stoked. It has also given me a new path to take with my craft work. I dropped a whole heap of handmade things off on Friday so it will be interesting to see where this takes me. I am honoured to be given this opportunity.  Hope your Sunday is ticking along nicely.
Peace be with you always, Anita.

 Some people you just have to tease!!!


Narelle said...

That pizza sure does look yummo!
Good idea to have a little bag for the essentials :)

Karen said...

Seems like you are making the most of you break. And I think the treadmill and the pizza go well together. Good luck on your exercise kick!
Let us know when you have your first sales.

Joy McD said...

Cute survival box! I am sure she will be very pleased! The pizza looks yummy... hmm... I may need to make some for lunch.. :) xxx

Jane Galley said...

Hope it all works out well for you, sounds very exciting

LiteraryLadybug said...

That Pizza looks like heaven! YUM! Sounds like you are making the most of your time off. Bravo for starting up on the treadmill! Have a great week Anita!

Manda - Handmade with Love said...

The beaded doll is so cute!


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